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Re: Pet Names!

Ahh the times. His name is Robbie and here are just a few pictures of the both of us when we went on some crazy adventures. Fishing trips, getting absolutely smashed at Lir's Tavern and of-course we can all relate waking up at weird places afterwards. I could go on and on but will save up those stor...

Re: How to?

The best way I find is to upload images external and than find the image link that you can place between the img code [img]http://yourimagelink.com[/img] I use http://www.imgur.com to upload pictures. Also have you checked this forum post? http://celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=81034...

Skenkee - New Introduction

Hello guys, long time no seen. Since I have been very inactive I thought about doing a small new refreshment introduction. After a long time I'm feeling like throwing myself into the game for another try. I believe Since I'm becoming pretty stuck when it comes to my leveling drive at times I think i...

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