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Re: Where do I start??

Im a gwyd player but i highly suggest epona if you want a roll server, if you want a clan server then morrigans the way to go I would also suggest taranis, it's growing quite nicely and it is roll based for the most part, and they have cheaper quest items than epona,( I have eg toons on both) for e...

Re: Bloodthorn bash

I'd say either remove the pot requirements, or else give a (temporary) major boost to the vine drop rates and/or drop count. It's a great idea for an event, don't get me wrong. However, due to the fact that potions are requirements for the raid, an increased raid respawn should come with increased ...

Re: A rule suggestion:

I understand, but I am pretty sure that players, or at least some of them, would just keep the drop for themselves even if they are of a different class. Don't want to be stubborn or pushy, but I still consider rolling to be the most accurate way about it, thus fairest. It really hurts badly when y...

Re: A rule suggestion:

I think what you are talking about is that if there is only one group at a boss and none out of group than whoever the items drop too gets to keep it which is luck based by Support programming Unless it drops on the wrong class then it will be rolled on by the right class, if none of that class is ...

Re: Necro posting

Relevance. Chances are many things sad on the post may not be relevant; situation, people, status of the game or servers, etc. If there’s been a full fledged conversation about something that came to a natural end, and you are truly interested in revisiting it years later, start a new post and refe...

Necro posting

What's the harm in necro posting?

In my opinion It revives a certain topics and not make duplicate of the same topic every year or so.
And that's a positive and doesn't make any harm.


Looking to transfer from crom and epona to taranis.
Chests and gold are more then welcome.

You can find me on these toons or in the trade chats in different communication apps (wechat/line/messenger).

Epona toon:
Crom toon:
Taranis toon:

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