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Re: Maximum DPS Output

Thanks for the additional advice, I should've posted this earlier but I killed Mord around 2 weeks ago thanks to your tips. :) I'll upload an image if possible later.

Re: The Ultimate Ranger Build

---THIS IS A BOW BUILD--- This is my first post... I believe my build allows the ranger ,which is commonly seen as an underpowered class, to inflict large amounts of damage while staying alive. This build is mainly a DEXTERITY-based, so for all of you strength rangers, this may not be the build for...

Re: Maximum DPS Output

penvro gillilan wrote:
Corrupt wrote:
penvro gillilan wrote:lol a bit jelly are we


tbh i reallly am jelly also mainly becuase i see people running around in dragonlord or exalted dragon lord and im walking around with part warden part metor

Lol don't worry. I'm 220 with no EDL, just DL. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Re: Maximum DPS Output

My gawd. This post just exploded. I went to sleep for one night and I woke up to this. Thanks for all your input, but I think I'll stick with my Trail set as my attack is insanely low (Only at around 5k) and aim for a Prot Brace and a Str/Dex Skain Ammy. Also, should I replace my Gara Frost ring wit...

Re: Maximum DPS Output

Although I'm full time support rogue, I'd be using runic ammy, div ring, two dagger/runic rings, reaper/haste ring, a gara/skain attack or qs/sneaky recast charm and prot attack braces. Try to get dl/edl weps asap. For skills, I'd use sneaky, qs, ss, rend, poison wep. Maybe a bit of a hybrid build ...

Maximum DPS Output

I'm just wondering what build provides the greatest damage output based on you own experiences and if there is any way you guys can help me out with mine. Currently lvl 220 rocking a full Trailblazer Falcon set, 100 str 80 cold dmg Runic Brace, 120 dex Silverweb Charm, 2 runic valour rings, and a Ga...

Re: Ranger Build for knuckle blades

Ok man cheers for the help, I got a dmg helm, now to get a sun dmg misc and a damage ammy, any suggestions? My budget for an ammy is 400k With 400k you could get the lvl 100 lux dmg ammy or the lvl 90 glow stone ammy of the hunter which adds dex and a bit of extra dmg. The dmg helm is nice but if y...

Re: Ranger Build for knuckle blades

SnappiEpona wrote:Yeah that was my original plan but should I still pump up my strength a bit more? Or just go complete dex and have like 0 str

You honestly don't need strength. You just need lots and lots of damage gear since you will be hitting faster and you want to take advantage of those hits per second.

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