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Re: Making money in fishing

I believe you sell the fish to shop for decent amounts of gold. Particularly the fish from higher level shimmering waters, they can shop sell for a few thousand gold each. Other income from fishing comes from pearls and sunken lockboxes, which contain most commonly small amounts of gold but also a c...

Re: A reliable solo build

my 159 mage current stats: 310 vit, 1249 foc. skills: firebolt 45/35, firestorm 35/35, fire attun 39/35, lure of fire 34/35, e-shield 34/35 beastbone armor fire bolt and fire attun rings recommended any gear that adds focus or vit (aggy book, 150 req focus ammy, etc.) i solo lvl all the time, this b...

Re: Is my rogue ok?

looks pretty good imo, only thing i would change is skills. shadowstrike max, quickstrike max, lifesteal max (some people don't like it, just matter of opinion), sneaky (or riposte) max, remaining points in poison wep or reflex. Poison for bossing and reflex for leveling.

Re: Why the fights?

I have been avoiding posting in this topic because i do not wish to make enemies or choose sides, but Phule, you are correct. Both clans are to blame, although the blame can be traced back to several particular players (I will not name any names). I don't care what anyone says or tells me to do, I w...

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