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Re: Full dex auto ranger

I use the trailblazer set also. Its all about the same anyway, gain around 400 attack with a decent brace and neck. I'd love a reaper ring lol, droid problems! Atm i have full edl minus weaps and use a trailblazer set, proteus brace, 2 valour and a haste ring (solely for attack lol). Dont use the di...

Re: Full dex auto ranger

My ranger is full Dex and has been for a very long time, I find the build amazing for bossing and soloing! Beat all clannies on bosses if I'm lixed up coz I barely miss a hit. Plus the added bonus of the extra dex on steady/sharpen/light heal(if you use). I have 9.7k attack and 3.7k damage and 3.5k...

Re: Fire, cold, or magic

At level 150-180, what is the best type of dmg? Currently I have a 150 cold quiver, 70 heat ammy, 2 cold rings, a fire ring and a magic ring. At 150 I plan on getting a new quiver and I am debating on getting the dmg helm. Is it worth it? Always choose heat damage.. there are a lot more fire than i...

Re: Explosive arrow heat damage?

Loco cola wrote:
foximaxi wrote:Hi!
Is Explosive arrow heat damage or normal?
When i use expl arrow on tree mobs, damage 700+ but sharp shot only 300+.
My skill description:
Sharp shot 1100+
Explosive arrow 800+

It's pierce. So is sharp shot.
That shows how much of a sh*t skill they both are
(They both suck)


Yes it's heat

Re: How to be a Professional DPS Ranger

Im a hybrid build and use explosive arrow and a dark necro bow of agonising strike for lixing. I go to the end room in forbidden halls (use blue pot) and pull a load and let the bow and exp arrow work away. it does eat res pots and sometimes an occasional light heal but its working great. I only ca...

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