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Re: Dexterity in druids

Hopefully your able to find a fun build to use, as zyz said that's the most important. I've personally not had any real problems on Epona hopefully it was a one off kind of problem. If you don't have a clan I'm serious when I say we'd love you (Numeros delnido), we have a good deal of newer players ...

Re: Dexterity in druids

The reason druids mainly focus on focus... is because it increases your skills. Increasing your focus increases the damage of your lightning strike as was as vines, the heal of natures touch, the armor boost of bark, etc. Just in case you didn't know attack does not increase your damage. It increase...

Re: Slow but Cheap Leveling?

If you already have focus of the seer I would probably keep it. I have a 120 ice mage at the moment as well. Definitely get that vit up if your dying quickly, also when I would level I would test which skill level up would give me the best dmg increase out of all my skill. FB, IS, IB, and IA. Fire a...

Re: Dexterity in druids

People do use dex in some druid builds, but at lower levels it is generally agreed that it isn't really worth it. Focus gives you much more value per stat point as it increases the potency of all your spells. (including natures touch, why dodge anything when you can just heal it up and do more dmg w...

Re: New player here

Hey there, welcome to the game and forums :). May I ask what server your playing on? I've noticed a few french (speaking at least) players in game myself, as I also speak french. I'll make sure to say hi if I do see you.

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