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Re: Selling axe!

natters1234 wrote:Oh! Do you plan on buying because I could go down to 280k?
natters1234 wrote:Well refrain from giving me advice, ever again

So you are gonna try to sell someone something and they don't need it so you be a jerk about it?

Re: 170 Build

Malicious wrote:300 str,
10 focus,
enough vit to give you at least 3-3.5k hp
Rest dex

Axe offhand
Haste/spec ring
Grand and royal ss rings if possible

Qs max
Ss max
Riposte max
Lifesteal max
Spare points in 5th skill fr or pw

Simple training build for soloing

thanks for the help :)

Re: Good not super expensive low lvl non plat buying guid

yuan207 wrote:after I read so many guide and i think this is a very good guide for me although theres not so many people read it.

Im a rogue lv59 and without any skill like SS, ripost... where and what mobs drop these skillbook and can I beat them?

ss is a rare drop from lvl 85 4* mobs and ls is from caves

170 Build

Hey everyone I'm not to happy with my build and wanted to find one thats easy to lvl with. Thanks

Re: Warning

I Don't Know wrote:Do not name and shame other forum users or players. If you want report that guy just send message to them..

thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard... if theres a scammer you want people to know who it is

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