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Announcement time

Hi, I'm sure everyone appreciates the events given to us. However I would like to ask if we can get announcements a couple days in advance rather than 1 hour in advance, it would make things a lot more convenient.

Re: Stop joining epona

This post is hilarious and ridiculous. To be angry at new players joining the game... You should be grateful that this game, and your server especially still have any players at all if you enjoy it so much. ^This. Epona should stop complaining about their luxury problem. We don't need to see the sa...

Re: How VR can resuscitate this dying game quick and easy

The game is in a situation similar to TF2 essentially. Despite having a dedicated player base with plenty of players, the company chooses not to update it. This game is a lost cause. It's better to move on and find a replacement. This honestly sucks to hear, I don't know about others but I think th...

Re: Please reconsider Daily Rewards distribution - bring back Hunters Tokens

This has been mentioned by multiple people before on 3rd party apps. But an easy solution would be to just make a level requirement for dailies as a whole or just the bounty tokens. Lvl100 or even lvl50 would be too much effort to make bots. Playerbase will still get the freebies and the abuse will ...

Re: Update List

Are we talking about fashions and luxury pets or about serious updates with new content???? Since VR took over : Diothu raid boss (very close to when otm shut down, so possibly not alone) Reindeer pet Hellsteed mount 2 hat quests A few holiday recipes Global tavern/arena I can’t think of any other ...

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