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Re: Need new chest

Impiouss wrote:Yes devalue other fashions even more. Now everyone will be walking around with every fash set that’s worth less than a mill each. Perfect time for vr to milk some more money

They can add a shiny, glowy effect to the 6 of you that are worried about your virtual fashion devaluing

Re: Petition for Dino drops to be mailed to clans that lost Dino due to poor reset notife

-1 I feel VR won't discriminate when theres a chance someone was in the middle of a dino but wouldn't of killed it anyways. A lesser clan who would never dream of killing dino could of been going at it and now they're going to get drops for nothing. Huge difference between a clan that can't kill it...

Re: Time for new chests? (Maybe bring back lanrik?)

No wonder we never get new content because people like y’all only asking for reskinned items or old items back. Smh. +1 what the game needs is some effort put into new stuff that's actually worth buying and looks cool This is the same thing that's been said for years now. The reason so many want th...

Re: Top Dps from each server

Tree wrote:Good day fellow heroes, i am wondering who is the top dps on each server from each class.
And if you are one of the top dps can you share tips with us?

On which boss? Rogues used to rule all of them but now we have a number of raids where the other classes shine.

Re: New CG Offhand

Shivahh wrote:
StormStikerZX wrote:Cuhcullians Bane (hits a boss with 3000-4000 or 4000-5000 Divine damage and leaves a debuff that increases Divine damage received by 30% for 15 seconds

How do you increase unresisted damage

Make it super duper unresisted?

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