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Re: Hello gwydion

I’d say there’s a decent amount of activity. Low to mid game has a new clan which is cool and the got hrung down to 40% at yesterday’s reset before wiping which was awesome(*awesome they got to 40% not wiped). As always in eg rele and soli have drama which I try to avoid as much as possible cause I’...

Re: Hello gwydion

Hey Mali! Been awhile. I definitely remember you as well as a bunch of older players. Some people have been coming back recently because of the event I believe and it’s always good to see old friends and players even if some may not remember you.

Personal opinion on new event.

I'd like to start off by saying I'm really glad that we got this event. During the reset this morning my clan personally had 42 of our players on which was amazing and I know there was even more from the other clans on the server. The castle is the most active I've seen in in a very long time and pe...

Re: Update is bunk

There is no update yet. Info screen ingame is from the “fall” update and we are now in summer. The latest thing posted said whats to come and to be on the lookout for concept art with more information to come.

Re: Allow Server swapping!

There has been a lot of discussion about this over the years and it always comes down to the individual ecosystems and economy’s of each server. Usually this comes down to rarities and collectibles as the value in these completely tank as soon as you can bring them in from another server. Another po...

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