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Old Engine dreams

I loved the vibes the old engine gave, in my opinion an awesome thing, now that crossplatform comes to life a version of the old game would not be too bad :-)

Ps. Leave a comment if you are up to feedback not to discuss why the newer is better or such thing:)


Re: Belenus: First Gelebron kill!!

Finally he quit. Idecided to join the game once more, i just felt like it. You can now officialy welcome me with Gold and Lixes- this goes out to Cathunt. Spector, criminal( give me your pride) and Alishia ( give me all banks items) Back on the low life, Couch :-)))))) ( the guy who does not takes ...

Re: which clan is stronger?

Invic~100-160 players, friendly, immature, mostly frozen bosses, some dl Sylph~130-180 players, friendly, mostly dl/frozen, aggy, castle camp often Ronin~160-220, dramatic, owns most dls, can do edl mains with bolas, prideful, raid up to hippo(have done mordy couple times), higher individual value ...

Re: Rogue hel

Young Hero, Clouds you seem to be str based kak, my recommendation is always go full dex at the right lvl, a wise rogue once said, Rogues are skill damage based, dex and attack(Reeds 2013 arawn) And my experience was the exactly same, put some of that str into dex, since ss and lifesteal and reflexe...

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