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Possible solutions for the war?

I know this sounds like a possible stupid thread post but there is no point waring. wars bring worlds apart and I don't want this being another sulis. We need to have a discussion and instead of going at each other, communicate! I understand that you immature people don't know what it means but I'll...

What app do we use to communicate?

I'm just wondering what app we use to notify crannies and friends that your on or there's a boss. if we haven't got a main one we should set up a world groupie. On groupie we can setup list of scammers, auction house, world events and just all round it will allow the world to be creative. If you lik...

The truth about the war?

I'm new to lugh and I've had many people telling me to not join alliance, or to go for alliance. I wanna know the truth about the war because it seems everyone hates alliance for being different. As my knowledge is low I am not taking sides but right now it seems everyone hates alliance for being di...

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