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Re: Best DPS class is...?

Rogue is best dps class. This proved it. Level 237 rogue outlocked a group of endgame ranger, warrior and mage at Snorri. https://i.postimg.cc/yYcB2v9z/851-E843-C-B1-F3-45-F1-8355-FB67496-FB7-C6.png https://i.postimg.cc/MZhqshnD/FCD591-F5-0475-45-E4-87-DA-89-A734-F47-E6-C.png

Re: How VR can resuscitate this dying game quick and easy

It is a misconception that the harder it is for the best items to drop, the more people would want to come back for the raid. After a while people lost their patience knowing that after 3 years of playing and killing the endgame bosses, the best items didn’t drop. Just like people stop buying incuba...

How VR can resuscitate this dying game quick and easy

The lack of new contents and slow update of QoL changes have made many lost interest in this game. It is dying a slow death. One way to resuscitate interest in this game is to buff the drop rates for higher tier items for endgame bosses. Like every dhio kill should guarantee a weapon. Every bt kill ...

Re: July update delayed

Understandable that Vr prioritising warhammer over this game with limited development resources. Better bet on a new game to generate more income than rely on an old game which has been around for almost 10 years. So ch players need to moderate our expectations of new contents. Don’t expect too much...

Re: Apostate bracelet

A clanny got it after 4 kills. Which means before him, someone else killed the placeholder 24996 times. So it is purely based on chance. If you happen to be there one mob before the boss spawns, you get it after one kill.

Re: Premium pet token vendor

I used to spend lots of money buying event chests in the hope of getting very rare fashion items and mounts. On average I spent US$500 for each double plats event. It was only 3 years ago when I completely stopped buying chests with real money. The last straw was I opened 1000 chests with the hope o...

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