Developer Update: Gelebron’s Tower Beta Incoming!

The weather has turned a bit nasty up here so we’ve barricaded ourselves in One Thumb Towers and kept warm by fixing bugs and working on fantastic new content!

We’ve been working with our offerwall partners to resolve problems that some of you may have been experiencing when completing offers and that will be implemented very soon. We’re also waiting for Apple to approve another build that contains a lot of bug-fixes reported by you and our QA team. Thanks for all feedback in the forums, it’s been very helpful in squishing bugs and we’ll keep on responding to your reports.

Gelebron’s Tower awaits…

We’ve got some very exciting news for you in this week’s Dev Diary; we’ll putting out a call very soon for Beta Testers to join us in Gelebron’s Tower! The whole team has put in a phenomenal effort over the past few months to get this ready and it’s looking (and playing) fantastically well.


The first five floors are aimed at high-end players and clans starting around level 170 and extending from there. This will get you levelling up through challenging combat against Wizards, Sentinels, War Hounds and more as well as gathering powerful weapons and armour in preparation for an epic confrontation with Gelebron himself in our spring update.

We’re very excited by Gelebron’s Tower as it represents the first new zones in over a year. We’re very keen to get as much testing on this before the official release so tell your friends, tell your clan mates, tell everyone! We’ll be making an announcement early next week about how you can join the beta program so keep watching the forums, website and social media for details.

The tower and its denizens are something to behold and we’ll be sneaking out some images, info and videos over the next couple of weeks so you can behold their awesomeness. The Living Statue Sentinels have some particularly cool attacks.

We’re not all about the high-end though; now the holidays are over and we’re bracing ourselves against whatever the winter season can throw at us we’re looking forward to our brand-new Spring event. It’s a time of renewal and growth for everyone…but you can rest assured the dark forces in Dal Riata have their own evil pans to wreak havoc across the land. We’ve got some great challenges and gear for all level ranges lined up and we’ll be revealing some of these in the near future.

Our crafting system is coming along nicely as well. We’re at the stage where we’re designing content that will form the basis of a wide range of Gathering skills. Bear with us and we’ll be sneaking out some details soon enough.

Both the iOS and Android versions of Celtic Heroes will be seeing some work under the hood over the next few months to improve your gameplay experience and allow us more flexibility to provide great content.

We’re also looking at some of the foundations of the game architecture especially the network layer and that should fix reconnecting and IPv6 connection issues.

We also have another recruit joining our ranks in the form of a Junior Programmer. We’ll start him off easy at first but we’re confident he’ll soon be in the swing of things helping to add more cool features and improve your game experience.

2015 is already shaping up to be an epic year for Celtic Heroes and One Thumb Mobile  and what we’ve shared with you represents just the tip of the iceberg and we hope you’ll come along for the ride.

In the meantime; keep your blades keen and we’ll see you in Dal Riata.

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