Developer Update – Corrupted Gardens

Hey Heroes,

Time for another developer update from myself and the team! This time we gaze into the lore of the ravaged realm, the Corrupted Gardens.

With a special bonus teaser trailer at the end!

The rocky path beyond the Gatehouse becomes more worn as you press forward into the unknown reaches of the Otherworld. Time passes, though you can never be sure exactly how much time in the realm of the Gods. The rocks beneath your feet become sand, the verdant growth of the Otherworld fades, and your sense of direction is scrambled as you continue to trek through this shallow valley. The sounds of clashing steel and bone ring out from somewhere ahead of you, and your skin prickles with the undeniable jolt of arcane magic, your hairs standing on end as you wind through corner after corner, the cacophony of battle reaching a crescendo as you finally stare upon the legendary Gardens of Rath Parras…

The legends that you maybe have heard about this place are no longer true. Once verdant and pure, the legendary gardens are no more. The rich soil has deteriorated, leaving only coarse sand to surround crumbling ruins. Skeletal creatures fight amongst themselves, thrashing steel against bone and channeling torrents of eldritch magic against the ancient armour of their sworn foes. What little that remains of the once verdant and beautiful plantlife in the gardens has either withered away and died, or been corrupted into a twisted image of what it once was.

And beyond it all, deep within the Fortress of Rath Parras, Crom laughs. Though the seals that bind him still hold, they have deteriorated. A mere hairline fracture in the arcane vault that surrounds him was all the Dark God needed to reach beyond and have his influence spread. These cracks have widened over the years and although he is still bound in place, the touch of Crom now extends beyond the inside of his prison.

These are no longer the gardens of the benevolent Gods.

They are corrupted.

– Arken

Decay has stripped these once beautiful lands, while still standing, the damage of time is strong.

Powerful arcane magic still ripples through the stone monuments, though its once pure nature long gone.

Brave travelers of these withered lands band together, lest the savage winds take them.

“Explorer of dangerous lands” – Muldar

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