Developer Update – Beltane and Beta!

Greetings Heroes!

Some of you have been asking when the next event will be live so we wanted to run a quick update for you.

We have been running a small closed beta test of the new event over the past couple of weeks and we’ve also been working hard on integrating player feedback. We have slightly increased the length of the beta to be more responsive to beta player feedback where possible and to include more general improvements that you have requested into the game.

We anticipate OPEN BETA beginning at the end of this week so keep an eye on your email inbox if you have applied to join the beta!

Improvements to be included in the next update are areas such as the following:

  • Efnisien the Necromancer drops are no longer Bind on Equip (BoE)
  • HUD item equipping – the ability to equip items via the HUD
  • Improved map navigation
  • Friends in group shown on the map
  • Inventory scrolling – whereby you no longer have to have your finger on the scroll bar, but can scroll within the inventory window
  • Armour boss spawn rate improvements
  • Performance improvements –  higher and more stable FPS, less latency during boss raids

…and a lot more!

Understandably it is essential that we can maintain a balance between improvements and timely releases, but we felt that in this particular situation and to maintain Celtic Heroes as an epic MMORPG mobile adventure, these improvements were better to be included at this time rather than several months down the line.

This year’s Beltane event is set to be even better than last years with new fashion and luxury items, you’ll also be able to test your strength in daily Bounty quests for both gold and experience points and even rare rewards! We also heard your cry for some more tartan fashion and as you might have seen last week, the fashion of Beltane 2015 embraces this.



In this next update we’ll also bring in new mount types and novelty companions, these currently include horse mounts and three different types of bird companions with their own unique animations, we do intend to build and improve on these through the year.


Lastly, for future updates, we are also looking at Class balance – by reducing evasions and improving the random-ness of some damage skills, we do expect this to be an on-going improvement – so you can expect updates on this throughout the year.

TLDR Version: Open beta this week (hopefully), Beltane to release in July with new lux, Bounty Boards and more!

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4 comments on “Developer Update – Beltane and Beta!
  1. Revenant says:

    I think the companion option is a great idea to let into this game. The fashion that was displayed is good but a little tacky but I hope the masks will make up for it. I think when you have a companion you should introduce more animals such as cats, dogs and special hard to get baby dragons that allow you to have special skills like healing but give it a long cool down so it will be fair and so people don’t like cheat the system and are able to heal and be impossible to kill. This will help out classes such as mages since we die easily from no energy shield, but these companions should be bought in vendors in the game or with platinum.

  2. LaylaVortex says:

    Omg ty Celtic Heroes ! Mmoprg is the Best! Better than Order and Cheos! But say datum wen new update thank u!

  3. Salamance says:

    Great job guys! Will there come more news about the fishing spot?

  4. Jammy says:

    I hope i get into the open beta, it will boost my youtube channel loads