Developer Update

Greetings Heroes!

With the coming of Ostara: The Great Hunt is upon us. Herne has challenged all good people of Dal Riata to The Great Hunt; alas the malevolent Queen Medb of the Connacht has heard of this and sent her forces to wreak chaos.

Eirinn Dragons and Emberdrakes led by Smolach the Annihilator have flown from distant mountains to reinforce the Connacht forces of Queen Medb as she seeks to gain more power over the lands. Great rewards await those who are brave enough to root them out and defeat them.

Ostara is traditionally a time for great celebration after the long, cold weather but evil hags have been awoken by the sound of merriment and they stalk the lands bringing misery and despair. Free the people from their blight and you’ll be rewarded handsomely with gold and XP.

Ostara: The Great Hunt, will bring all new mystery chests, luxury Wyldgrove and Wyldshrine Jewellery – crafted in the mystical places within Wyldgrove, Luxury Eagle Gliders and Emberdrake Jewellery

Alongside Ostara the team have been working hard on some new features and we’re very excited to be able to reveal the first of these; the Bounty Boards. Lord MacLir’s forces are stretched thinner and thinner these days and they need brave heroes to aid them in vanquishing the foul creatures and intruders that stalk the lands. Each day in Farcrag Castle you’ll get the opportunity to earn extra XP/rewards by taking and completing daily tasks targeted to your level.

It also gives us great pleasure to be able to finally reveal that Gathering and Crafting skills will be coming to Celtic Heroes this year. We’ve been working on this for a few months now and we’re very excited that the first skill that will be available to our players is Fishing!

Effectively, we’re looking to develop Fishing in a way that will enable you to enjoy your time outside the battles a bit more, developing your Hero as you would in the real world … With this in mind, Fishing will be undergoing broad beta testing to ensure everything is as intended and that you, our valued players, get to help influence its progress.


Fig 1. Fishing Port concept


Beta testers will soon be able to pit their wits and skills against the final floor of Gelebron’s Tower and of course face Gelebron himself. We’re sure you’re going to be blown away by Gelebron…as well as beaten to a pulp! The designers have worked very closely with the art team to bring you a massive milestone in Celtic Heroes boss fights and I guarantee you’ve never seen or played anything like this before in Dal Riata, coupled with this, you’ll also get to give the bounty board system a try!

Lastly, the team are working on ironing out any kinks you’ve reported as best possible and will be looking through Feedback & Suggestions to see what fixes are needed and which bugs need evicting.

Exciting times ahead Heroes! To arms!


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4 comments on “Developer Update
  1. Nukie says:

    This App keeps getting better and better keep up the great work 😀

  2. Can you give any dates? Or close dates or arround how much time please? Cause Soon or very Soon dont help much

  3. David Callahan says:

    You guys have the best MMORPG for the mobile platform hands down. However, one request, develop a bazaar or some kind of way players can list and sell their items without having to “shout.” Also, some kind of “auto-follow” for those who like to play more than one character at a time. This would make life fantastic. Also… lol. Why do buffs have to be so short? Sometimes all I feel like I’m doing is buffing myself, lol.

    Thanks for reading this.


  4. Frozenwarrior says:

    Epic I can’t wait