Design a Mount – Winners!

Greetings Heroes!

Firstly, we want to send a resounding thank you to everyone who submitted an entry into the Design a Mount Competition. We were delighted how many people took part, researched their mounts’ details in mythology, provided us with in-game stats and did their best to draw their designs. We looked at each and every entry and considered the drawing, detail and relevance to Celtic Mythology when picking the winners.

It was a very tough judgement to make as all your entries had their own unique quality but we do have a list of winners and honourable mentions. Due to the volume we extended the prize pool.

About the prize:

The Shaman’s Phoenix Glider was forged in the embers of the a Phoenix rebirth.

It increases movement speed by 100%, grants 50% camouflage and while equipped you gain 50 health and energy regeneration.

The winners are as follows:

  • Harkle Harpell
  • Insperatus
  • Andruil
  • ScarletJay
  • DeF
  • Daw
  • Aztec
  • Reneta
  • SweetShadow
  • KingRaaa
  • Gavarde
(Please click the thumbnail below to see the winning entries)


Honourable Mentions (prize Shaman’s Crest (exclusive)):

  • Bitey
  • LaFawn
  • Kartier
  • InCamodruid
  • Alexandre49
  • Angelique
  • Devilz
  • MariNyan
  • Swan
  • Pitchsux
  • Pigman
  • Mekansa
  • Tixx
  • Zuper7
(Please click the thumbnail below to see the honourable mentions!)


Winners will be contacted regarding their prize via either the forums or email depending on how the entry was received.

Everyone who entered will receive a special gift too!

Lastly! Keep your eyes out for the next competition!

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