UPDATED: Celtic Heroes and iOS 6

We have now tested the game and it appears to work fine on iOS 6.

Therefore you can download iOS 6 and you should not have any issues when playing Celtic Heroes.

Happy adventuring!


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9 comments on “UPDATED: Celtic Heroes and iOS 6
  1. Lutin says:

    I don’t have problems in getting into the game with iOS 6 and playing

  2. tristen riese daniels says:

    someone stole my account or it wont let me logg in my charecters name is fuu pl help me

  3. Dudezzy says:

    Maybe this warning can be given as we log into the game?
    Some people don’t check the forums and would rather not update their ipods than miss the rest of the summer event.

  4. Dudezzy says:

    Am a little late, sorry didn’t see the notification of getting IOS 6 to work.

  5. Holz says:

    I have os6 and have been disconnected from server each time I log on. Is this the issue with os6? I have restarted my iPad and reinstalled the game to no avail.

  6. Muzza2 says:

    will this affect us with different OS’s?
    will we need to update our devices to iOS 6?

    please respond to bally on his account due to my absense to celtic heroes in the coming weeks

  7. Terrance says:

    I can’t log in I tried to buy plat and it started giving me issues lots of lag I can log in but I can’t see my character or anything and I can’t play when I click continue on main main menu it tells me cant connect and nothing is going on with updates or anything so someone please contact me thanks

  8. xXSKITZXx says:

    I have ios6 and the only problem is crashing