Beltane & Bounty Boards arrive in Celtic Heroes

Greetings Heroes! Summer has finally arrived in the lands of Dal Riata!


While this would normally be a time of harvest and celebration for its people, Garanak and his brethren have arrived on these shores to spread chaos and suffering. Planning to use the heat of summer to drain the remaining life from this world and send its people into drought and starvation. Will you heroes be able to stop him?

Alongside them comes the Cult of Tiormach bringing forth the four Morcas creatures; War, Pestilence, Famine and Death.

Here’s hoping you heroes aided by the ancient sages newly arrived in these lands will be able to fight against the warlocks evil and bring peace to Dal Riatas summer.

New Features:
– NEW: Bird Novelty Companions
– NEW: Beltane Steeds
– Bounty Board; daily on-level bounties for XP, gold and more!

Event details:
– Defeat Skain Banebark
– Aid The Sages of Brath
– Sage Luxury and Mount vendors
– Wandering Morcas creatures with rare Beltane rewards
– Lustrous Mystery Chest including Sanghal Fashion, new Armour charms and cool Spirit Cape mounts

This update also brings some changes to class skills and bug fixes.

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