Double Platinum FAQs

Q) I have $100 in my itunes account – why is it saying I can’t buy 4000/8000 package?

A) This is due to added taxes. The amount that platinum costs is shown before taxes have been added, this is because the amount of tax added can vary depending on a players location. Sometimes no tax will be added at all. It all depends on were you live. This is a tax added by apple/google and is outside OTM’s control.

 Q) When is double platinum?

A) Friday 28th November until Monday 1st December

 Q) I purchased 8000 platinum, shouldn’t this be 16000?

A) No. The amount of platinum that is shown during a Double Platinum Sale is the total amount that you will be receiving, which is double the usual amount. Therefore, the usual amount of platinum you would receive would be 4000 but as it is double platinum this has now been doubled to 8000.



Q) Help! I’m having issues with my itunes/google account!

A) Please send in a support ticket where we shall give you more details on how we can provide a little help. 

Q) I purchased platinum and it has yet to show in my account

A) Transactions for platinum can take a little time. If you have not received them within an hour of purchase please try the platinum fixes listed here: if these don’t work and you have been charged, please contact apple/google support.

Q) How can I purchase platinum?
A) Platinum can be purchased using credit from Google Play store or from Apple accounts. Credit can be added to these accounts using gift cards or debit/credit cards.

Q) I recently made a platinum purchase but the amount hasn’t appeared on my account? How do I get this platinum?
A) If you encounter a Platinum issue, one of the following options should resolve the issue.
The first option is to:

  • Fully power down your device. That is, do not just lock the device or put it into sleep mode, but instead fully switch it off.
  • Turn the device back on.
  • Launch the Celtic Heroes app.

The second option is to:

  • Connect to a different WiFi network than the one you normally connect to.
  • Launch the Celtic Heroes app.

The third option is to:

  • Try running another game which has in-app purchases.
  • Re-launch Celtic Heroes.

If none of these work please send an in-game support ticket to the support team who will assist you with your problem.


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