Some new enemies

Here are a few more enemies in the update:

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201 comments on “Some new enemies
  1. BladeOfGlory says:

    Looks awesome!! Keep up the good work :)

  2. AngrySavage says:

    Are the rock monster and tree monster in the otherworld? Also, the giant is for the beach in lirs reach?

  3. Ady says:

    Good job guys..can’t wait update. i like that trols :D

  4. Gandalf123 says:

    Will you ask the, to make the cheiftan and guardians in the clan are aloud to promote

  5. Barbarossa says:

    Will the enemys be as detailed as in the pictures? the darkfell and crookback gladiator look like they are already animated but the treeman looks very detailed. Wont that just be powning my iPod?

  6. Dylan says:

    So there will be a new world in this update then?
    When is the update.

  7. LCooK94 says:

    Keep up the good work i cant wait for the Update lol

  8. ieatpeople says:

    Probably just me and my twisted mind, but the golem on the left appears to be taking a dump if you look at his face.

  9. Admin can u please make these creatures drop remnants and tablets pleeeeeaaaseee????
    Me and my clan have killed endless enemies and bought endless plat to gear our clan so can u make these items easier to gain?

    PLEEEEAAASSSE although it is hard with all the work PLEASE ANSWER


  10. Connor says:

    I heard this talk of needing a key to get to the otherworld and that means I wont get to see these new creatures without a key. Is this true? I hope there is not a level requirment to simply visit the otherworld(of corse the creatures will be high lvl and I won’t be able to fight there yet) Please respond as I need to know how much I need to lvl to get in for update.

    Loyal Guardian of The Elites,
    Ergoge, lvl 47 warrior as of April 24,


    • admin says:

      Hey there, to get through the otherworld portal there is a quest which at the final stage has a level limit of 60, so this is the level you currently need to be to get into the area.


      • xXskitzXx(leader of celtickillers) says:

        I realy think that is a ripoff
        I have been waiting to get to the otherworld since I heard about it

      • Salvation says:

        so there are a couple stages of a quest to even be abel to ENTER otherworld??? and if so are the quest difficult or easier?
        Salvation Lvl 76

      • Connor says:

        Thanks for responding I’m now almost lvl 51 and will strive to lvl up more so I can make it to the otherworld. Also though, you mentioned that the last quest to get in requires lvl 60 what do the prior quests require. Will they give enough xp to help me in lvling my character?

        Loyal Guardian Of the Elites,
        Ergoge, lvl 50 warrior, world: Lugh

  11. Duncan800 says:

    When Will UPDATE?

  12. DC says:

    Coming up on 2 months and still
    No help from you people. I havent been able to go back to my account… Please help

  13. LordMark says:

    Wow i like it sow mach i cant Wait you tink to
    Do. New skills for all?

  14. LordMark says:

    Wow i like the Ent you tink to do New skill for all class?

  15. ieatpeople says:

    Will this be some awful, grueling quest everyone will be flocking to bosses to try to complete? Or will it be simple for higher levels? I would HATE HATE HATE to have the update out and not be able to get into the new area for like a month. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hey there, it’s a fairly simple quest you get at level 30, and then you can complete stages of it as you level up to 60. it should be completable solo in a fairly short time. Thanks!

      • ieatpeople says:

        Great! Thanks for the reply :)

      • xXskitzXx(leader of celtickillers) says:

        Do u have to b lvl 30 to get the quest because I am lvl 48+

        • admin says:

          Hey there, the quest chain for getting into the Otherworld starts at lvl 30 and ends at lvl 60. However there are plenty of other areas coming soon for all levels. Thanks!

          • xXskitzXx(leader of celtickillers) says:

            Oh ok thanks and I’m lvl 50 now :)

          • xXskitzXx(leader of celtickillers) says:

            I think u should make throwing knives for rangers and rouges because I think throwing knives r awsome and would be good also u should make stuff that does fire damage catch enemy’s on fire

  16. Jaiden pressley says:

    Sry my name is nikeswarrior

  17. Bear says:

    Admin is there any chance you could add new types of armor. Not Warden though just drops and purchaseable .

  18. legolas123 says:

    really nice :) but which lvl ?

  19. RichAndTrippy says:

    Hey not to steal ur thunder or anything but that tree guy is cinda a ripoff of the one in wizard101. (3d mmorpg for computer) :)

  20. BluntSlayer says:

    Not fair if only 60+ lvled people can enter the Otherworld!! I’ve been waiting for this update for sooooooo long and have wanted to see dragons and other enemies, and the Otherworld!!!! Why can’t it just be like Stonevale, you get to fight your way in? Why can’t it?

  21. ieatpeople says:

    Also, how long would it take most people to finish the entey quest? Not like a level 60, but like 80′s and 90′s. A week? A day? An hour?

  22. furby&thornlizzard says:

    you have to be level 60 or higher aww me and thorn are below lvl 20 :(



    Thanks alot

  23. furby&thornlizzard says:

    umm why cant i see my comments

  24. Chimpy says:

    Hey Admin, is there gonna be easier ways to get gold in the update? Also I have a question about something off topic, are you guys gonna make this app available for the DROID Razor market place?

    • admin says:

      Hey yes we are planning an Android version in future, and the gold drops have been increased but overall the quickest way to get gold is still to level up and kill the rare/difficult mobs.

  25. Rhysearch says:

    Ok seriously guys??? Your complaining about at level 60 cap to get into the new area??? It your not level 60 yet work on stonvale u have tons to do!!! Some of us who have have been playing since before stonvale and shalemont existed have actually been waiting for new higher level area and gameplay!!! I have five characters at level 80. And my main is 87. It takes about a solid week maybe two if your gear really really sucks to get to level 60. So maybe stop acting like your so hard done by that your level 20 can’t get into a high level area. Enjoy wuts there already and explore it!!! Gods know we all have!!!!

    • Ozell says:

      I agree…after lvl 90 lvling becomes very challenging. As Druids and masters only give 38xp :-o . The new area offers higher lvls the chance to progress again and more quest to complete…if u haven’t completed the shalemont and stonevale quest then you are missing out on a lot. Plus u will need armor and weapons from these quest to battle mobs in otherworld. Without the proper equipment venturing into otherworld will be nonsense. Explore the world and upgrade your equipment first

    • xXskitzXx(leader of celtickillers) says:

      -I’m lvl 52 now-

    • xXskitzXx(leader of celtickillers) says:

      Oh and dude, they just want to see the place don’t get all mad

      • Arrowica says:

        Lol deleted myself on game purposely. My New main(level 20 xd main was 53) will be doin quests with some friends possibly

        • Arrowica says:

          So ur mad ur low leveled? I deleted my main who could breeze through quests get over it guys.

          Level 20

          • jaylen says:

            will you guys please stop complaining about lvl 60 i had a high lvl with heroic boots (150k) heroic gloves (150k) golden axe of carnage (80k) and cheiftain helm (50k) and my account was taken and i cannot get that stuff back but i started a new toon and i was lvl 0 to 51 in a solid week.

  26. Ozell says:

    First I’d like to compliment you guys on your nice work. Everything is lookin great and I’m very excited about update 3. The new weapons and enemies look great and only add to the anticipation of the new goodies we have coming. Now here is my question…will there be new potions and price changes on current potions? As I tank a lot and highly depend on them

    • admin says:

      Hi there, the potions and items are unchanged, however there is now a cool down timer on the rez idols and potions so you can’t spam them as quickly as before – this is to add a bit more challenge into the boss encounters. Thanks!

      • DC says:

        Ok you guys arw ignoring me i guess i have to take this up eith itunes themselves. See you all in a couple of days

  27. Triton says:

    I THINK IT LOOKS AWESOME But hard to defeat

  28. 0907270587 says:

    == mis-sold Focus of Enchantment – Need help from Admin ===
    Sorry for annoying you, but in 22rd April I accidentally sold the NO TRADE quest item: Focus of Enchantment to shop. I mailed to support, also PM to Support and Admin on Forum, but its 4 days waiting hopeless, I hope admin could help me take it back or reset my Meteor sword quest so I can go on this quest. thanks a lot. I dun remember exactly date I sold it to shop, please checked if it is wrong date.
    -my character: 0907270587
    -world: tanaris
    -acc: lik3jagger
    Sincerely .

  29. Woowack says:

    Hey I’m a lvl 61 how long will it take me to get in to the new world? And can I get help for the quest or no?

  30. ManlyMartin says:

    Hey Admin! :) I’m just wondering, lots of my friends are talking about ‘glitch’. What does that mean? :/ And I emailed you through support@onethumbmobile about my lost Mage I need to retrieve back asap. Please reply, sorry for the inconvenience and thank you in advance! :)

    Level84 Ranger

  31. Blarf2 says:

    So if we’re lvl 60+ we can’t do quest? Because ^ above you said it was 30-60. So is that true???
    Pls reply quick. Ty

  32. Aqw says:

    Hello,Could you please possibly tell us the Date of The Update.Thanks Also Please Reply >.<

  33. Nolo says:

    In this update are there going to any horses or pets, and are he dragons going to be easier to get.

  34. Croquette says:

    A simple but hard question:
    I heard you sent it to Apple… But I don’t want to hear the rumours, I want an official answer! (we all… I think..)

    Thanks and it looks amazing!

    • admin says:

      Hi there, it’ll be sent to Apple once everything is looking good and the beta testers are happy with it. There is no set date, it’s out when it’s ready. I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s submitted. Thanks!

  35. Fades says:

    Hey AD.MIN, or any one please answer. What level do I have to be to do the Watson quest. With the discs. Is it 50? Because I am 50. And I went to north pin and none of the Druids in the circle gave me any quest. Please help anyone! Thanks

  36. Fades says:

    I meant *wardin quest

  37. Natedawg1 says:

    Hey Admin my questions arent replied to much but could u tell me these questions what pets,what place do u suggest a lvl 43 goes to lvl fast,and do u know how beta testers like it so far or is it out my ipod is lost so idk about this stuff so these are important to me so if u would Admin please i beg u anwser this time.
    p.s. anyone on Belenus if u know Nofear or Teddybear not exact name but if so please tell them save me the clan banner i would like to have my own clan so if u would someone do that for me that would be nice.

  38. DTime3 says:

    Are there new weapons in update? And by new weapons I don’t mean 10 weapons for warriors and 1 weapon for range, Druid etc.., because warriors have a lot of variety on their weapons, but other classes don’t.

  39. Drako says:

    hello admin. i have emailed you on redeeming my password on my account at support@onethumbmobile. is there any way u could reply to it?? and keep up the gd work. can’t wait for update!!! :D

  40. Rhysearch says:


  41. Rhysearch says:


  42. pkrangerxx says:

    tyvm for update admin i think we all apreciate this i know i do.:) One question
    will the crystal bow be better than icelord bow? i dont wanna waste my money on icelord bow if crystal bow is better. please reply soon admin ty :)

    pkrangerxx: Level 75 ranger.

  43. Arrowica says:

    Hey i have an idea for a class. Warriors, Rogues, and Rangers can use skills, but how about making a class just for spears? After the reat of the update is done and u have timeconsider looking into it. I can give more details for class if necessary.

  44. Arrowica says:

    Not skills first time
    I meant spears silly me XD

  45. Sass420 says:

    You guys are trolls in buttons.

  46. Natedawg1 says:

    Hey Admin my questions arent replied to but could u tell me these questions what pets,what place do u suggest a lvl 43 goes to lvl fast,and do u know how beta testers like it so far or is it out my ipod is lost so idk about this stuff so these are important to me so if u would Admin please i beg u anwser this time.I would like it if u would please reply back Admin.

  47. hacksformoney >.> says:

    hey admin, i was wondering if, in the “group” option the creater of the group gets the option to set the minimum lv to odtain a drop. for example
    -lv74 war
    -lv34 war
    -lv87 mage
    the creater lv 74 war, should make the minimum lv to obtain the drop 74, so the lv 34 finishes the quest he is after, but doesnt get the drop. do get my meaning?
    also, i would like to email you with a few idea i have on the game. you could also call me for it could take some time to go through all of the “briliant ideas im my mind. thanks a million!

  48. hacksformoney >.> says:

    hey admin, i was wondering if, in the “group” option the creater of the group gets the option to set the minimum lv to odtain a drop. for example
    -lv74 war
    -lv34 war
    -lv87 mage
    the creater lv 74 war, should make the minimum lv to obtain the drop 74, so the lv 34 finishes the quest he is after, but doesnt get the drop. do get my meaning?
    also, i would like to email you with a few idea i have on the game. you could also call me for it could take some time to go through all of the “briliant ideas im my mind. thanks a million! It would realy mean alot if you even just responded. ty. i also sent a complaint to your acount recovery. Please keep me posted.

  49. Admin sent you an email, i forgot my user name. i can supply the password, but i cant remeber the user. i have many lux item on it, and lost of gold and many dollars spent of plantnum. i have spent well over 80 dollars on plat. ide hate to lose it all. please email me or respond. ty

  50. Isaiah says:

    Hey admin I’d like to know where do I get an icelord bow

    • admin says:

      Hey there, you have to defeat Lord Icefist when he’s holding the bow and you will get one. Thanks!

  51. 12th Legion,5th Cohort says:

    Last time there was a patch, people who were currently playing the game at the time of the patch gained 50 free platinum. I thought it would be a great idea for you guys at OneThumbMobile to reward all of the players who have been waiting for so long, with say 50-100 platinum per character.
    I think that we deserve this seeing how you guys have been pushing the release date farther and farther back
    Anyone who agrees with me post a reply :P


    • admin says:

      Hey there, we are looking into an idea for a reward, but all characters over lvl 20 will be getting a free book of rebirth and alteration.

      These will be awarded whether or not you are online.

      • Legion says:

        admin thanks a ton for answering my question.

        but, PLEASE consider giving us platinum, many players would really be able to use it by getting backpack upgrades, resurrection idols, and more. it would be a great help to all of us :) .


        • Tiberius62 says:

          I agree! Us players 50+ should at least get some plat AND the books! We work really hard and we deserve a good reward for our work! Please consider! I like getting the books but no plat?! We all need idols, expansions, sigils, etc. so please think about this!

    • Braden Jones says:

      i agree big time!

  52. Legion says:

    Im saying reward all players on all worlds, not just players online at the release time of the update :) PLEASE CONSIDER!!!


  53. Woowack says:

    Hey go check out “mrappbee” video on YouTube its about the update go sub now

  54. HijuePuta says:

    good idea
    not fair only online players get plat

  55. GoApepsi says:

    We’re will the quest be to get into the otherworld and can u make the icelord bow faster

  56. Gertrude says:

    How come Lord Icefist doesnt spawn anymore?! pls answer ADMIN. Also, i havent been able to get my password back :( (((((

  57. Arrowica says:

    Hey about the PvP, how about making a new online ranking part? Like PvP wins. (ex. World: Herne Class: Ranger Clans: All clans click PvP wins rank 56 Arrowica)

  58. Tiberius62 says:

    I’m looking for a way to get disks fast. What bosses should a level 60 kill to get disks? And where should I train to get to level 70?

    World; Epona

  59. imdabeast says:

    i have emailed onethumbmobile countless times about changing my password, and i have not been emailed back, admin can you please help me.

  60. imdabeast says:

    hi, i have email you guys multiple times about getting a password change and have not gotten a response. can you please help me

  61. Eleptic says:

    Hey In the Update, Will the new armor that you buy from the store be better than the Metoeric armor?? Please Answer anyone.


    • admin says:

      Hi there

      The armour in the store will not be better than meteoric, but you will be able to get new quest armour which will be upgrades for the meteor stuff.

  62. Jeffrou says:

    Hey admin ! Urgent !!!! Plz … Im in rosmerta , and someone named darthmal stole all my stuff ( 3k and my ancient armor ) plzzzz i have to get it back , i have nothing left !
    Btw , he stole others armors too ! Please its really urgent , do anything u like ! But plz i need everything back

  63. Isaiah says:

    Hey admin I’d like to know if you could add a function that tells us how much experience we need to next level

  64. imdabeast says:

    admin. i have messaged multiple times. please i dont know if my account has been havked or the pass has been changed but i just want it changed back so i can play

  65. ExoSwagg says:

    Hi Admin,
    i just had a few suggestions
    - caster gloves (of haste)
    (faster casting mainly for druids and mages.
    - heroic focus of rejuvenation
    - heroicbodkin of spirits/health/energy
    - easier way to get dragon discs.
    its still to hard to get them, evenwith meatoric armor up. Considering there is only one personthat drops them and you need a large group to kill it, its very difficult.

    on the server morrigan, 3 clans:

    all are after these dragon discs, they do not let anyone into there group and these clans are very exclusive and hard to get into. please make it easier to get drags.
    Also, i understandyou want to make money with platinum, but its not fair to players, enermies should drop more gold.
    Also there should be a meter that tells how much XP is needed to achieve the next
    A PVP ranking system should also be set up for the upcoming update.
    Thank you for considering.

    • Jeffrou says:

      All you said is true :) nice !

      • Arrowica says:

        I came up with PvP rank and admin said its good and they can hopefully add it in. The exp meter nothing yet, and if they dont let u in their groups train urself and others in ur clan so

        • ExoSwagg says:

          im not speaking for myself. im speaker for other, lower leeled players (60-70 or so) so its fair to them. you shouldny have your 1st piece of meatoric before havingfull warden

  66. Gandalf123 says:

    Will it be for free the update and the new download game?? Please please reply:)

  67. LeafLife says:

    Is it free the update

  68. Crzy says:

    Hey there admin! I was directed here because I recently lost my warden breastplate. I logged in the other day and it had dissapeared from my inventory. I never sold it or dropped it. If u could plz look into this, I would really much appreciate it. Ty

  69. LeafLife says:

    Is the update free?? Just wondering

  70. LCooK94 says:

    hi ad min i was wondering if the down time for May 7 th is going to be when the update is please respond fast thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi the downtime is for routine server maintenance, the update is now with Apple who are testing it. Thanks!

  71. DragonArmy says:

    hey admin my account got hacked and i emailed you but still no response! i would appreciate it if you could look into this.

  72. Ady says:

    Hi adm! i just want to know if will be horses in this update and if is how we can get them(pay in gold or make quest?) will be awesome ridding a horse. tx

  73. Temperrr says:

    Admin r u aloud to bann people couse this kid says I scammed him but I didn’t and he follows me so I can’t get any xp cause he takes all my kills

  74. peter22 says:

    what level will the monsters be?

  75. GoApepsi2 says:

    Hi there my phone waz stolin today and i waz wondering if theres any way i could chang my password to my account thanks

  76. Spellb0und says:

    Is it sometime this week it’ll be in store

  77. Cmasta says:

    Hi how can i retrieve a lost account? I keep puttin my original password but it wont let me log in :( . Can i get any help :D

  78. XgoldenX says:

    Hello,I was wondering if maybe you could get me one of my items i accidently dropped it cost alot to me it was a golden growth charm i think it was either growth or charm its been a long time i cant remember but please help me recover my charm. :(

  79. xCato says:

    Is there going to be a bank in the update? if so what is its purpose?

  80. Barbarossa says:

    I have some issues with platinum i bought. i have sent an e-mail but u didn’t answer. I decided to write it in the comment here cause i hope u’ll see this and check your e-mails.

  81. Tiberius62 says:

    Hi there. I was wondering if the update will be soon? It’s been nearly a week and nothing yet except the maintenance on the 7th. I know Apple is still testing, but are they almost done with testing and fixing? Please reply!

    Proud member of Ancient Dawn
    Level 61, Epona

  82. Eclipseman says:

    Hey Guys! Good day for talk about your game) Lol
    Why you say give me free platinum if i like and reg your game in social networks? And i reg, and like it ,and you not give me free platinum… -_-
    My Lvl 71, ranger (Rosmerta) Name: Eclipseman.
    What’s the problem?
    “I and my numerous compatriots would be very glad if in game there will be a native language (Russian)”.
    Why i not find and not see new maps and enemies?
    I need complete only quest: Evil in Stonevale (i need kill only Falgren)
    I think with me many agree…
    Forgive please for my English. (I am 12 years old, I only started to study English)

    I hope and wait for the fast solution of this mistake.
    Sincerely yours Nick Eclipseman. (from RUSSIA)
    My mail:

    P.S.: I so love Celtic-Heroes game on my iPhone4!!! VERY BIG THANKS FOR YOURS Celtic-Heroes GAME!

  83. Spellb0und says:

    My account has recently got hacked on the game, my character is RangerGodz, lvl 45 on World Taranis, I went on my account and it was deleted, is there anyway to get it back, or the items of it back, this also happened to my Druid account Gandalf123

  84. Tripleknight says:

    My game is crashing a lot today

  85. Isaiah says:

    Hey admin I have signed into my twitter and Facebook and Celtic heroes does not grant me any platinum

  86. Naruto776 says:

    hey admin I signed in to my twitter and Facebook and each time I gain a level I do not earn platinum…is there a bug?

  87. legolas123 says:

    hum hey Spellbound wazzup ? why your ride with 3 acc posts ?

    • Spellb0und says:

      hi, my account RangerGodz was deleted, i want to get it back, so i am trying to get the admin to respond:/-_-:(…

  88. ikillyounow says:

    can you guys in the update modify the trade system like after you trade it shows you like are you sure and it shows you what you are trading i think it would help many people

  89. Temperrr says:

    Will there be new armour and I hope money will be easier to get

  90. spellbound says:

    Hey there, i would like to know when the update is going to be, simply because i want to know how much time i have to save and level up quicly for the otherworld…i am seriously anxious to know like we all are, and i think you and the developers are awesome for making the game alot better, also could you tell us if there is going to be armour for lower levels, because i am going to make another character for me to try out the tavern to see how it is effective on a lower lvl thankyou for your info in advance, btw love the new enemies!!!

  91. Natedawg1 says:

    Is the server down today are u updating

  92. Bjones7325 says:

    Admin i thought of a really good rewards idea.Everyday day you could earn 100 to 500 gold a day because gold is hard to get even though i afk when not playing.thanks!

  93. Temperrr says:

    Admin I sent email how come u no send me 1 back

    • admin says:

      Hi sorry for the delays, we should get through all the support soon. Also you can now submit a support request directly from the game which will get a quicker response too. Thanks!

  94. Temperrr says:

    Admin please send me email back I got scammed lvl76 And 10k

  95. rob155 says:

    hi everybody everybody is saying that to go to otherworld u need to be lvl 80 and know i just found out u need to be at least lvl 30 me and my friend spend all day trying to lvl up lol thx for not making it lvl 80 or 90 thx for ur hardwork

  96. Roon says:

    Plz can u make enemys the same as they used to be, ghere too hard now… Anyway good work

  97. Roon says:

    Where do i find the golems? I heard they were from crookback but i havn’t seen them, if they are in crookback the. Where? Thnx

  98. Woowack says:

    No it’s lvl 60, thanks.

  99. DTime3 says:

    Who do you talk to for otherworld key quest? The guy is in stonevale right?

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