Samhain 2012 Content

Samhain 2012 Content

Next week’s Samhain Event will introduce some brand new content to Celtic Heroes. Here’s a taster of what to expect.

Yesterday we announced our 2012 Samhain Event, a Celtic festival which means “End of Summer” and celebrates the end of the harvest and welcomes the ‘darker half’ of the Celtic year.

But of course it wouldn’t be a true Celtic Heroes event without some brand new content to enjoy!

Therefore today I’m going to give you a little taste of the kind of in-game content you can expect to encounter when our Samhain event launches next week.

Remember this is just a flavour of what we’re going to be introducing for the event; there will be a few surprises in store, as well as some items from previous events making a special appearance, so make sure you log in to the game to discover it all!

So without further ado here is a list of what kind of content you can expect to find during this year’s Samhain Event:

  • Brand new transformation charms (the picture above may give you some clue as to what kind of charms these may be…).
  • Exciting new Samhain bosses to battle and defeat.
  • New Samhain quests for you to complete.
  • More armour sets, loot, and fashion items, all designed for this year’s event!
  • And plenty of other exciting pieces of content!

Remember you can discuss our Samhain event over in our forums. Simply click this link to be taken to the relevant topic.

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11 comments on “Samhain 2012 Content
  1. Username says:

    You know the celtics had domestic animals.
    And I think we all know what that means.

  2. Ashlynx(Arwan- a.k.a. xashlynx the ranger) says:

    so excited! cant wait to check out all the new content!!!!!!

  3. MaxTheSuper says:

    It would be awesome if there were some type of skeletal mounts-Everyone has been waiting for mounts!

  4. Joshua says:

    WOOOT…..Im so happy and exited.

  5. xXSKITZXx says:


  6. Xxbenny98xX says:

    Wooot!, can’t wait for this event!
    i missed it last year because i started in january, i bought a 2nd hand broom then sold it but i want another one lol.
    can’t wait, keep up the awesome work guys.
    ps. maybe speed up the mount creation? ik how hard it is to make this content but it shouldn’t be this long… 🙁 thanks for your time!!!! 😀

  7. Jordan Sherry says:

    Thanks OTM cant wait. Think i wanna sing a little tune… “

  8. Jedidiah says:

    Skitz i wont be on for a while my app glicthed and became poo so in reinstalling

  9. THEONEGUY says:

    i think they should add like a grand exchange area like in runescape so it will be easier to buy and sell stuff