Celtic Heroes Under The Hammer Update Released!

  ——————————————————— WHAT’S NEW — Under The Hammer Update — + Auction House + Barber Shop + XP Curve Update + Main Questline Expansion + New Charms + Inventory and UI Changes + Higher Level Bounty Rebalancing + Spring of

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Celtic Heroes Lancers Of Lir Update Released!

——————————————————— WHAT’S NEW Lancers of Lir Update: The Battle Mounts have arrived in Farcrag Castle! • Ride into battle and master the new Battle mount ability! • Roam free across a redesigned Lir’s Reach. • New Fishing areas available in

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Celtic Heroes Tides of Fate Update Released!

“The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.” – Vincent Van Gogh Across vast oceans and battling torrential storms brave seafarers have traveled, to

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5th Anniversary Celebrations of Celtic Heroes!

Hey Heroes! We are celebrating our 5 year anniversary! 5 Years ago on June 15th we took our first steps in to Farcrag Castle and looked over the lands of Dal Riata. As part of our on-going 5th anniversary celebration

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Spring Has Arrived In Dal Riata!

The sun has risen in Dal Riata, our flagship mobile title; 3D MMO Celtic Heroes, will host the new Spring season event. Available from today on iOS and Android devices, the update brings the invading Connacht Clans! Fight to aid

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