Update 2 – New combat system!

New fully animated combat system coming soon in the next update.

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16 comments on “Update 2 – New combat system!
  1. Ss Heretic says:

    Thats awesome, can’t wait for the next update!

  2. Crazyfists says:

    awesome now hurry up with the patch already.

  3. SireBlade says:

    Wooah that looks cool. When r updates?

  4. Samkhan says:

    Wow i seriously can not wait! Keep it up onethumbmobile

  5. Blood says:

    Son I am proud.

    Completely stoked and can’t wait for it.

  6. LordDragoonII says:

    Looks great!
    I might have to make a ranger now.

  7. David says:

    When is the actual date of the update??

  8. DeathsShadow says:

    When is Beta Testing to begin?

  9. Samkhan says:

    Is this coming anytime soon?!!!!!

  10. Cardshark says:

    Guys, there already like 10 posts asking when it’s gonna come. Relax, it can’t be officially determined because of apples testing.

  11. Jonah says:


    Please help I don’t get a email to get activated to the forums! Please help me!

  12. Lucien 23 says:

    Is beta still going on?
    If so how do I get in?

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