Log In Issues with Certain Devices

We are aware that there are players with certain devices who are having trouble logging into the game.

We have now fixed these issues and we will be submitting a new version of the app to the App Store.

As soon as this new version is available to download we will post an announcement.

Thank you for your patience during this time, and we apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

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45 comments on “Log In Issues with Certain Devices
  1. KnightGer says:

    Now I can get to the page to select a world(now all world are down). Before I couldn’t get this far. Just providing log on problem feedback on my iPhone 4

  2. KnightGer says:

    You restarted world servers, I can tell cause I can no longer log on to see them. Same as before. get to log on screen, try to log on and the app dumps to iphone screen.

  3. Resay says:

    Am just like his problem ^^^^^^ but on my ipad mini IOS 6.1.3

  4. Resay says:

    :( I wonna play celtic heroes when do you download it on App Store :,,,(

  5. Jin says:

    ID: Brissbane , cannot log in with iPad mini,

    iPad and iphone4 are ok .

  6. Tarte2 says:

    Currently, on my iPad 2, i am unable to get to the world select screen or onto my character list, stuck in the main login screen. Im excited for the update and cannot wait to be able to play again, i hope the issues are fixed in a timely manner and appreciate the work you guys have done with this amazing game o(^▽^)o

  7. Jin says:

    Continue button not available…when press login, just kicked out ….

  8. Jin says:

    Email add changed for id Brissbane in case I need email support …

    Only iPad mini has problem for log in.

  9. Michelle says:

    Hopefully they will release this update very soon because I cannot get into it. Keeps crashing when I push continue or log in on my iPad 2. Can’t wait to get back to playing soon!

  10. Bray says:

    It will say connecting and then cansel the app

  11. Anthony risotti says:

    I’ve gotten that far but I press on my world an it just goes black brings me back to my home screen wtf

  12. Resay says:

    Please try to do it fast am bord waiting!!!!

  13. Resay says:

    Please download it on App Store as fast as you can am very bored!!

  14. Rene says:

    I can’t login still. It crashes everytime. Ipad 2. iOS 6.

  15. NoobinatorBoy says:

    Hello my account at Celtic Heroes does not work if I enter the wrong code still in my name on Celtic Heroes “noobinatorboy” Is this a bugg or is it just my iPod (4G) Help me to get my account back send the new code to: “Bugra_akdag@hotmail.com”

    Help get me. Asap my acount back soon

    Thanks for your help.

    -Noobinatorboy (Bugra Akdag)

  16. Vlatimier says:

    Cold sweats… Shaking… Trying to log in every hour or so!!! Need Celtic Heroes!!! Going through withdrawal!!! Please hurry I need my fix!!

  17. Harn says:

    Lost game with update. Then realized didn’t know password. Tried creating new account to log on and contact support about password. Can’t log on, even if i could still need password for old account so i can use my old character. Help!

  18. Axeman24 says:

    Each time i try to log on it kicks me out if the game

  19. *SuPeR-MeGa* says:

    So…about how long is that gonna be take if yall doing “fast-track”?…cuz in apple will take about 7+ days…

  20. Jin says:

    It was working on iPad mini yesterday and today, but cannot log in now….kicked out again…

  21. Godofaim says:

    Does anyone know a secret to log on on iPhone 4

  22. Godofaim says:

    Just message me

  23. Axeman24 says:

    When is the freaking update going 2 come out i cant wait any longer

  24. Tarte2 says:

    Shhhh… Im being patient…… @_@ …………………muffin fart……

    Yeah the wait has taken a toll on my sanity, would anyone like to donate gold to the insane asylum on Rosemerta? (probably misspelling the server name there) arming the insane with deadly swords and bows never had any negative effects before. :)

  25. Tarte2 says:

    You know, i kinda wonder who reads these, because it requires moderation before becoming a public post. In which case i hope the moderator is having a lovely day.

  26. Dps says:

    Just pathetic, why did apple accept an incomplete beta?

  27. Dps says:

    The frustration from not being able to play is bs, why do i pay for stuff like this to happen?

  28. Dps says:

    Is it a problem with ios 6? Many problems from that ios it seems, thank you for your rush to fix problem, but it shouldn’t have happen.

  29. epicwon77 says:

    the game crashes when i try to log on

  30. Dps says:

    Lol log in glitch, isnt this more important to fix than patching? I know your submitted to apple but isnt there something u can patch to fix problem?

  31. Lazydrunk says:

    When is the update coming so I can log in on iPhone 4?

  32. Kavstar says:

    Does anyone know when it will be released to fix these problems?

  33. Mockingjay says:

    I still can’t log in and it is really bugging me. Cant wait until the update! Thanks for working on it though cause I am behind. :)

  34. Axeman24 says:

    … Still waiting

  35. Godofaim says:

    Plz freakin hurry before i Lose my head its been a week i cant make a. App but i know u can fix that problem faster then a freakin up date

  36. tristan1607 says:

    same just on my ipod its stupid

  37. jin says:

    ipad2 – 100% , iphone4-100% , but ipad mini 1-2% if i delete cookies etc, try to login 50times, may login. once logout, again 1-2% to login.

    format n re down loading, if not work, i think maybe i got faulty ipadmini…going to appleshop to change new one.

  38. jin says:

    changed new id, new payment , all new….but still cant log in…did everything can think about…
    im going to apple shop to change ipad mini …

  39. Bill says:

    Apparently when I first got the game last week it had already received the update. On my IPod, even with said update, I cannot get past the main menu as my username or password, according to the game, is invalid even though it is not. Logging in for me is virtually impossible still. Please help. I’m sure that this is a great game, it would be even better to actually be able to play it.

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