Gelebron’s Tower expansion out NOW!


Gelebron’s Tower, the brand new high-level expansion is available for download for 3D MMO Celtic Heroes from today for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Heroes will need to update their game to be able to continue their heroic journey.

Utilising the impressive “Destiny Engine” released at the end of 2014, this expansion brings a striking structure with distinctive Dwarven influences. Surging with power, Gelebron’s Tower houses mighty statues, dramatic walkways spanning cavernous halls coursing with magic and dark woven paths leading to chambers where the most formidable minions of Gelebron reside.


Accessible to the bravest of Celtic Heroes, Gelebron’s Tower expansion opens up levels 1 through 5 for players and brings fresh challenges and quests, impressive new rewards including the “Exalted Dragonlord armour” and brand new bosses such as “Sentinel Theta, Alcazzar the Insane and Magister Skath”  to defeat with clan allies in this massively multiplayer mobile game.



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