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Re: What gear should I invest on?

Mickey wrote:
Corrupt wrote:
Mickey wrote:Totem build is not "far superior." In certain, limited, circumstances it could beat a caster build, but it's also far more limiting. In the last beta I tested a totem build (EDL, Shadow mord attack helm, void gele totem, reaper and 3x godly totem rings, don't remember which braces or charm) and my dps was nowhere near my normal caster build. And with my normal build I can go balls-to-the-wall dps to full heal with swapping a couple pieces of gear.

What you should get really depends on what gear is available. With your specific gear, I would look for a Hrung ls skull, or a ST cooldown brace or charm and Occult gloves.

A druid with caster build will never get a chaos boss kill. U probably just don't know how divine dmg and procs work lol

I did it 90 seconds ago.

Which boss and against who

Re: What gear should I invest on?

Corrupt wrote:
Mickey wrote:I killed Hrung a few days ago and I've killed my share of legacies.

Legacy isn't chaos and hrung nobody lixs on anyway lol so not really a good comparison. Totem druids have got gele and necro kills

None of this is a good comparison. I've been going up against full groups of literally the hardest hitting dg rangers, mages, and rogues in the entire game. We need to get a bunch of dps druids together in the beta and do some testing.
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