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Another Way of scamming

Well Long Time ago i lend my clanmate a icelord dagger. At that Time i got an offer of 80000 Gold to sell it. But i lend it Worgenmax to Level his rogue. Then he took a Break, wasnt online and our Clan merged into Prime and i left Prime. Now as i See him again, he told me, that he got scammed. But to be honest, i lend him my dagger, and i didnt get it back, also no Gold so whats the difference in gettin scammed?!

Thx for usin my loyality to clanmates to get Free stuff Out of me and get Ur gear better!

I will Tell this everybody who want to know, couse in my mind its more than a scam, he also broke our friendship!
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Re: Another Way of scamming

Guffy wrote:I agree he should repay u..

Plus, how can you let someone scam you of an item that is not yours????
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