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Silverleaf set... Is it worth it?

My druid is chilling at the shop of maclir with 15k should i get the silver leaf set or pass it by? I heard there was a woven silverleaf set thats lighter but i have not the slightest clue on where to find that O_o. Any advice on gears will be greatly appreciated thanks.. My druid is lvl 15 lol..

Re: Silverleaf set... Is it worth it?

in older days u get the silverleav from boss-drops in the combs. should be same now.

if i where u, i would save money for things that gave energy regen or have much better stats. but up to u.

u should level to arround 30 and then get a group to clean out combs, thats what i did to get woven silverleav.
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Re: Silverleaf set... Is it worth it?

Don't buy the silverleaf from the shop. Just try buying woven silverleaf from other players. It will cost you a little less and is better. I used my woven silverleaf until I upgraded to wardens. And just so you know kiara, ducarius, and avatar drop the woven version of silverleaf in the catacombs (same three bosses required to kill for last catacomb quest) as well as woven Mage armor.
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Re: Silverleaf set... Is it worth it?


Ok...I would advise AGAINST buying the Silverleaf at the vendor. I don't say this because it is necessarily bad, but because of a couple other reasons:

1. At level 15, the initial quest line armour is decent enough to keep you going for a little, or you could buy regular linen for a few hundred gold.

2. You are better off trying to buy the armour from another player. If it is the exact same item, it will be cheaper from a player vs. the vendor (You could shout that you are buying a certain article). If it is the woven, it might be about the same price as the vendor, but it will be better.

3. You could continue saving and buy Ancient silk or linen (again, from another player).

One thing is that players are often upgrading their items. If I am wearing Ancient, and get all my quest items for the Warden items, I might try and sell my Ancient. Also, with the introduction of quartz, and diamond, many people may still have Ancient or Silverleaf for sale.

The Silverleaf and woven Silverleaf is also a drop, so some people may have an item or two for sale. I got a Silverleaf robe about two hours ago from killing in DC, for example.

As for your money, I would suggest taking a little bit of that and buying the cheapest Totem (2600 at the Shale vendor, or cheaper if a player is selling). You will have to level/quest in order to access the vendor, and you will have to get to Stonevale farm in order to train the totem, but starting your totem training earlier is best. The cheapest totem will suffice, and is better anyway (it is faster, so the ability will increase faster).

To recap, I would say save your money and buy from a player, spend some of your money on a totem.

What world are you on?
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Re: Silverleaf set... Is it worth it?

Dersu giving awesome advice there,
Little add* you can buy the totem ability at stonevale farm. If you can't get there you should try ask a nice high lvl (in the 60-70)
I would also go for ancient armour (ancient silk) wich is expansive but it is good
But first of all buy a totem, you will be using that nonstop. (i always had my totem ability maxed till i started grouping to train)

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Re: Silverleaf set... Is it worth it?

Get the wovem silverleaf from people. Silverleaf sucks.
The. Save up for a energy regen or warden armour.
A lvl 15 hav 15k 0.0 never seen someone that successful, maybe
Some plat spenders lol. But get wovem and then get warden. Anciebt
Armour is not worth it
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Re: Silverleaf set... Is it worth it?

Thanks for the wonderfull advice is was exactly what i wanted to know... I will pass on the silverleaf gear and go for ancient gear from other players... Ill just train more and finish the quest chain... Im also training at Dc so ill keep a lookout for those woven silverleaf items :P

Mega thanks to all.. ^_^

Update: I managed to get a high level to run me to stonevale farm and also got my totem of wolf and the skill... Thats almost half the battle there... Thanks again.. My druid is doing fine now...

Re: Silverleaf set... Is it worth it?


I will add though that Silverleaf, if bought from players is pretty freaking cheap..if you just know the price yer looking for, I don't think a set would cost more than 2k on high end. I mean there is zero point of keeping that set for any higher lvl player.

It's difficult as a low lvl Druid because high lvl Druids are so freaking used to being dismissive to players that are begging them. I would try to just ask in Shout: "Looking to Buy a Woven Silverleaf Set, or pieces, please whisper me if you have them or any starting Druid items for sale...Not Begging, but Not a Moron, won't over-pay" that should get you some appreciative quips and assuage the fears of higher lvl players you are milking them. Can use it on ancient armor requests too. Most important thing though, know yer price and don't over-pay, ever, as a newer player ppl will try to fleece ya a bit...research the prices and listen in shout to see the market. Then draw a line and stick to it.

Best of luck.

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Re: Silverleaf set... Is it worth it?

@Four - Glad to hear that you didn't get antsy and buy from the vendor :) Yes, player purchases are the best way to keep your expenses low. As Tea mentioned, know your prices and don't overpay. One thing you could do to help in this is to write down the vendor prices of the Ancient armour... then you know that you should be paying less than that.

Just a little info as to why Kass and I suggested getting your totem: basically, your Druid goal is to have the one handed totem, and a decent off hand. You will rarely see a high level Druid using a staff, and even then he/she is probably just training it. These off hand items add to your stats/replenish your energy/give you extra damage depending on the item. You will need to save a lot more to buy one, but the last thing you want is to be a higher level Druid with your totem ability at 0/800. Getting the totem and ability now was an excellent choice/opportunity. I was level 30 when I had enough cash for a totem/got to Stonevale, so I had to train it for 300 points.

Once I got my totem, I used a small shield to give me some armour (banded targ, I think it was called, and it dropped in DC). Using a shield is a bit of a catch 22... it increases your armour (so you will take a little less damage) but the weight of the shield reduces the amount of energy you have for skills. It's a personal decision.

Read through the Druid forum posts, and ask any questions you have. There are a lot of experienced players here, with different builds and advice. Welcome to the Nobel Class :D (Oh, and what world are you on? If Herne, you can have the Silverleaf shirt I got yesterday, and I probably have an energy pendant you can have as well).

@Kass - Thanks for the shout out. It means a lot, considering you were my first in-depth Druid teacher :D Remember when you talked me out of buying that 20k offhand orb? I would still have that in my inventory if I bought it. lol.

@howard - I guess Ancient depends on the player. I liked it a lot. It adds some good resists, and is very good while waiting for Warden. I agree with you that he should save up for a regen item.

@Tea - Ya know, that is a solid bit of advice re: letting people know he isn't begging. And yes, I am generally a jaded Druid now. I was giving away necklaces to under 20s the other day, and they started asking for better ones. :roll:
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Re: Silverleaf set... Is it worth it?

I hear you Dersu,

For some reason people feel like they know me from reading my forum posts. Like we are best friend's or something, because they read some bs I wrote. They come to Arawn and just beg like spineless tools, and I get pretty disenchanted.
So I have had to do two things: One: I pretty run a two strike rule. And two: If someone begs me I tell them clearly how poor etiquette it is in a MMO to beg. How it makes people block you and it's the worst way to enter into any server, with a reputation for begging. The one's that listen, I friend. The one's that don't I block.

I personally feel like all of us have the onus to teach people how to be better community members, but I don't run a Beggars Anonymous group and any stupidity and they are blocked like a 95 lb. defensive tackle.

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