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Re: Games Similar to CH

klv wrote:It's quite disappointing, after watching gameplay videos there is awfully alot of similarities between the gameplay, only difference is the storyline.

The main differences that I've seen so far are in loot quality and distribution (items all have RNG stats/names, and drop randomly from mobs). Also, the skills in WH:O are much more in-depth and complex. There's a lot of comboing potential (e.g. if you have X skill active, Y skill has an extra effect and/or does more damage).

You can definitely tell that CH was a major inspiration for WH:O though. I personally don't mind it though.
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Re: Games Similar to CH

Maybe you will find the answer to your answer on this site inversegamer.com . It's just that I often come across interesting news there, which is very interesting to me. And I also read a lot of guides there, about different games, for example, about Minecraft. By the way, I recently learned how to craft new things from the latest patches. I also learned there that you can kill an ender dragon with beds, which I didn't even know about :) So if you haven't found the answer to your question, look on other sites, maybe they will help you, and you will find another game that is similar to this one :)

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