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Re: Gameplay or Graphics

Gameplay all the way.

Ill play a game with any quality graphics, I may comment on how bad it looks now(like ps1/sega), but I dont really mind.

For me it's like this.

Gameplay 80%
Graphics 10%
Difficulty 10% (I generally dont like easy games)
Storyline 0%

Some of my favorite games: Dark Cloud 1+2, Oblivion, FF7+Explorers, Doom 3+Expansion, Halo 2+3+Reach, Smash series, MGS 1+3, Fable 1, Castlevania SOTN+Portrait of Ruin

I have more, but I can't think of them atm, those are on the top of my list though.
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Re: Gameplay or Graphics

As much as I love a game with good graphics, whats the point of it if the gameplay sucks? Probably why Shovel Knight is so popular. Hehe. Old graphics but heard its fun to play.

But Celtic Heroes is a jewel in the dust. Good graphics, good gameplay, good quests, and for the most part good people.

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Re: Gameplay or Graphics

Gameplay. You can have astonishing graphics, but with a weak story and poor gameplay players will quickly lose interest.

If you've figured out a solid story and have figured out the other aspects of the game, sure, go ahead and polish the graphics. But to me, graphics are not the most important thing in game development.
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Re: Gameplay or Graphics

Personally for me, it is not important which one has better graphics or which has better games. The most important things for me are childhood flashbacks, the emotions which nintendo and sony brought to me and all the memories when I was playing with my friends at my place. Nowadays Sony is time more developed than Nintendo, it has better graphics and the last model of Playstation is breaking all the trends. So I think that nobody will start to debate here again.

Re: Gameplay or Graphics

Graphics for me.
Celtic Heroes graphics are superb thats why I play it. I saw the old graphics of Celtic Heroes and it was so bad and ugly. If the Devs never update the graphics, i wouldn't play it.
I wouldn't play games with old and bad graphics in 2020.
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Re: Gameplay or Graphics

Everything depends on the game, but I would totally chose gameplay upon graphics. I see graphics as a good bonus for the games, there is nothing really amazing to see if you play MMORPG games like Ragnarok Online Philippines. This is a really cool game that is really addictive, interesting and it doesn't need any good graphics. You just need to have skill and a lot of fun. The same with celtic, I don't think that the majority of players here are keened on graphics. We have another purposes!

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