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Admins, it will be alot more easier to avoid all this chaos going around if you can just update us with what's going on, like events updates, it will be gladly amazing to hear anything from admins so we know whats going on cause right now all your player base is in the dark,
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Re: Admins

Here is a post that was made by the Community Manager yesterday.

Difinitus wrote:Hey all,

As you know, a shift in priorities prevented us from releasing the proposed update in July like we originally wanted. Right now the dev team is determining which if the planned content will be finalized and released instead of waiting for everything to be completed. This also includes Samhain, but with the tight schedule and delayed July update, an event like previous years is less-likely. We can still welcome the Fall in a few ways without impacting the current development pipeline.

This is all the information I have at this time. Once more definitive plans are finalized internally, I will share it with the community.

Thanks for your continued feedback and support!


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