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Need help from Veteran Warriors and Jewerly Ecperts!!!

This will probably only apply for those that know the rings or braces im going to list. ill try to add info with them.
So im a Level 183 Warrior from Herne and I am having trouble deciding which Pieces of Jewelry rings braces ammy etc, is best to wear out of the ones i have.
I have tried most combinations but still feel i might be missing something. so i will list the ones im wearing plus everything else im wearing and then the Side jewelry that i have in my inventory that i think is worth mentioning. I will also add the armor and weapons i use. My Skill points and Stat points as well.
i have done many rebirth and alt builds and just dont know.
Ok here we go.

Warrior 183
Strength 492 (943)
Dex- 5 (335)
focus - 170 (410)
Vitality- 273 (489)

Health : 4482/4482 / Sigs of health: 814
Energy: 2974/2974 / sigs of energy : 407

Ill mention my gear and weapons then my other stats
HEAD - ROYAL silverweb helm of the bladefang
LEGS- Anicent Beastbone Greaves/SPELLWROUGHT

Main hand - Spellwrought Handaxe 180 lvl
Offhand - Sorcerous AXE of Might 350 Majic damage 180 strength plus 300 attack level 180
The other main handed weapons i do have and enjoy using except that they cant use rupture are Darkbolt Halberd Of Dex (even though
i dont use dex its nice that this weapon adds 300 freaking points onto it plus 160 perice and 100 majic dmg)
And then i have a sword i prize with love thats the Dark Sword of Necral Shield ( Dark purple long Jagged Sword) 160 slashing damage fast speed has proc chance protects me from 1000 dmg necral shield)
And then of course i have the Grand Maul AXE of Dor Keln lvl 140 which has great skill
and the Royal Maul Axe of dor keln which increases that skill but cant use till im lvl 190.
stables : LEVEL 5 Ferocious Black War Bear
Pet: Level 5 Red Dragon
Level 2 Red pheonix
Level 1 Reindeer
Level 6 BlACK Spider
ATTACK : 3455
Damage: 1821
Defence: 1460
Armor: 723
SKILLS I USE: Shatter, Pummel, Double attack, rupture, Frenzy. (Gave giant swing up for Frenzy and or Protec stance)
Wyldshrine SPite, Sunshard Defence, Dragon Flaming Breath (Deals 830 heat damage within 6 meters of target and 120 per tick for 15 seconds after)

AMMY: Wyldshrine Amulet of the Zephyr
Charm: Majestic Gaurdians Talisman
Brace : Sunshard Band Of the CrystL River
Brace: Pathfinders Band of the falcon ( PS I do have all three pathfinders peices that give you the pathfinders aura attribute bonus)\
Ring: Wyldshrine ring of the mountain
ring: Spectral Ring of the Huntsman
ring: Eldritch Ring of Alchemy
Ring: Eldritch Ring of Valour
Ok now here is what is in my inventory that im stuck on using such as The unhallowed necklace of the behemoth ammy (i think its really good) 70 hp regen and adds 150 crushing damage...but doesnt beat my ammys 2000 majic dmg...)
anywaYS here is the list of other items and ill end it after that
Other LUX in my inventory include
Imperial Mental Bracer of deflection
Jalans bladelead necklace
Unhallowed necklace of bohemoth (AMMY)
Imperial necral band of giant swing
Pathfinders ring of falcon
Majestic emberdraje brace of smashing (rupture brace)
Majestic charm of stormgaurd
Spectral Talisman Of Midnight (AMMY)
Mighty abyssal Armlet of pummel
Royal sunfire charm of Pummel
Majestic Emberdrake brace of striking (Pummel brace)
Keen perceptor ring of perception
Pathfinders AMMY of the falcon
Royal Vital Cuff of Smiting X2 ( 80 Heat Damage, 500 hp, it also has 300 cunning which i dont use lvk 175)
Phantom Ring
Jalans Bladeleaf ring

And thats it guys. Do you see anything that i should maybe trade out. I know the Pathfinder bonus adds 50 points to each of my attributes but other than that...if you need info on any of the Lux or brace or rings let me know. I feel like im missing something that could help me alot. Thanks sorry for all the info

Natalia 2

Re: Need help from Veteran Warriors and Jewerly Ecperts!!!

Hello Natalia,

First off, may I just say that it is truly a pleasure to finally meet a woman who uses the term "bro". As for your gear, I'm not reading that entire list to see if you have some of the more easily acquired items that are great for lixing. I would first get three hrung rings id get them according to where your lixing at in the tower, infernal and alchemical i think are heat don't quote me, summoning is cold, and forbid and arcane are magic. Of course, ignore this if you lixing with a mage in that case get whatever type of ring they are or if you can get axe rings from necro (majestic and up only I think or maybe it's royal). For braces, id goes with a hrung flame ones for price or id get valor ones. As far as charms go id get a Sunfire one and follow the same rule for the hrung rings when choosing one, and ammies I personally I like the stalker one as it has a lot of energy while still being DPS based, with 100 cold damage, there is also the skill though I still would choose to use it even if it didn't have the skill. For your pet clearly go with either the dragon or the phonix its more of a personal choice. As for mounts you can either get a bear or a tiger, I know you already have the bear but based on the fact you have as many things as you do I'm fairly confident that you can get your hand on a sufficient degree of mount tokens. For the armor I would just stick with the dl, unless you can get your hand on a sun, moon, sea, or earth mordi helm, as I prefer the 65 (?) heat damage on the dl helm to a bit of str. for weapons id stick with your axes, and just get whichever one has better DPS, i truly hope you are able to divide. I'm not going to go into an offhand as those are mainly personal preferences, i personally like the haste one since i don't mix with while hasted. I think that covers leveling gear, this is not an end game warrior this is just lixing. Though for you based on the fact you made your forums account in 2014 I would think you'd already be end game one at least one toon and if so know enough about gameplay to be able to pice together to competent warrior for leveling, even if your main is a mage. And as for people being "jealous" of all your luxes, I think they are more annoyed with the fact that you have all of those but are still unable to make warrior for lixing decent not to come to the forums. BTW I don't think most people watch CH gameplay on YouTube unless they are about 10 and have no convictions what so ever and give up before the end game. Two more things, one this took more time to read back to check for spelling errors than it did to type and people are helpful on the forums they just don't like dealing with people who are probably catfishes from 2014 that don't have clue what they are doing but yet seem to acquire that many luxes.
I regret all but three of my toons names
Apophis81 220 ICE Mage
Carnage81 216 Tank
Caster81 220 Apathetic Suport Druid
Cicero81 190 Locker
Cook81 187 Cook
Cordycepts81 205 Ranger
Cyanide81 217 Dps Druid

Re: Need help from Veteran Warriors and Jewerly Ecperts!!!

1. Hrung heat dmg/melee combat/attack
2. Necro dbl att recast (pummel is more energy costly and misses too often)
3. Frostiron bracelet of might - str, att, rupture skill
1. Necro fate (str, dex, axe skill)
2. Hrung damage (any but poison, leave poison for tunnels)
3. Shop valour - you could use it as slot filler till you get something better.
Note: you should avoid skill rings in your build, use those only for hotswaps.
Note2: there's better options past 200 lvl, but that's another story

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