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RP Clan: Ideas so far

Clan Name:
Undecided at the moment but will have the letters "RP" at the end to signify its RolePlay status.

Clan Motto:
Undecided, likely will be a blurb on the RP like a prompt, maybe some rules too.

RP Specifics (setting/scenario):
Undecided, likely to be like the Mercenary Guild idea I posted earlier. Idea was:
"Guild of Mercenaries (possible names include Raven Company, Heroes For Hire, Sellsword's Guild, Phoenix Sellswords or something like that)- Ran by Mister Sage (an unnervingly tall warrior who hides every inch of his body under gold-plated armour 24/7), this RP focuses on the drama-filled lives of the guild's members as they do tasks for the local populace at a predetermined price (NPCs, players or both) and unravel the mystery behind their guild's founder...(has several characters made by chieftain in it)"
I may change who owns the Guild/the appearance of the owner as I no longer own the armour charm I had. The various characters I'll be using are Doctor Garth- a trained doctor/Druid who hates the undead, Wild Moon- a Wolfman who is in search of his parents who abandoned him at a young age, Logren Sage- a mysterious practicioner of dark magics and Arthur Hawthorne- a Connacht turncoat who is driven by wealth. I'll probably add another character who will act as a stand-in for NPCs or something.

Suggestions for scenarios are very much appreciated.

Currency: Smuggled Coins/Doubloons/Antique Coins for In-Clan trading
This is for RP benefit mostly, as giving someone thousands of gold coins in exchange for a common item is insane when it can be done with a single Doubloon. They also have different varieties so you don't need to overspend. The coins would go off the lux vendor value (as they pay out more than regular) so they aren't exactly rendered useless if things don't work out. The issues would be remembering all the values of these coins (somewhat negated by the values usually being clean multiples of 10s, 5s and 2s like 1500 gold instead of harder to remember values like 3264 gold) and finding large amounts of these coins, maybe I'd have to buy them off drop farmers or something.

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