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Re: Back playing after 4 years absence. Confusion abilities maxed

Storm wrote:So as the title says im back playing or trying to get interested in playing after 4yrs absence, like a week ago.
reason was lost of interest . Reason im back is covid 19 pushing me to spend more time Indoors and i had a tinge of nostalgia. So i downloaded it again .

What confuses me is the lack of game wiki , terrible lack of information on google for new things i find IG. when researching stuff , Goodies videos pop up and they have zero information . Apparently CH databases and forum dwell in the backwaters of google. Thats not googles fault though...

Where to begin? Wher to pick up from...
What are the new pets skills and stats. I see stupid bells and seeds in AH bit where do i find a catalog or a wiki to whet my appetite to get one?
What changed about shop Chests, fash tokens etc. I see the fash vendor frozen at fashion that was sold 3-4 years ago?
Like what is arena gargant gladiator , who is he. Whats the purpose pf killing him. Does he drop anything? Whats arena purpose now?
Why is tavern full of other server people. Whats the purpose again .
What are factions , whats the advantage or disadvantages of joining one or other for a class. Is there some class specific rule or none?
So there are new items in game . Where do i find a seasonal summary of everything added by update Do i have to read every developer page for that ? Is that the my temporary mode of gaming...Reading 4 years patch notes Backwards?

What is highest lvl fishing attainable. What is highest cooking lvl. Where i find such infos. ALL IN ONE PLACE ! Is it too much to ask?

What is this new hat quest? Whats the use of crushed candy ,

Please Dont send me links to CH videos as they are most useless MVs without written description of what it is about or even

And why the heck the announcements for resets are in Bangkok time? Although the link to time conversion is appreciated , its still another link to click instead of insta converting with GMT in my head . Its plain weird.

And oh, one thing hasnt changed in 4 years. Same old Requests like more ´pures' .lol .

Time to tackle this beast lol.

There is a distinct lack of general info about CH, yes. There are various reasons for that, mostly because it takes a lot of effort to assemble the info together and present it in a useful and easy to understand format. The celticheroes.info website is definitely the best single resource for general game info (the forums are a close second, but take more effort to find what you are looking for). The main downside of celticheroes.info is that some of the info is outdated, but that's just because it takes a lot of effort to accurately update it.

1. New Pets Skills and Stats
There have been a bunch of premium pets added over the past few years - Dragons, Phoenixes, Seedlings, Reindeer, etc. I don't really want to get into a massive amount of detail (you can look up the stats on the celticheroesdb.com website if you really want to), but they are definitely better than any of the normal pets.

2. Premium Chests/fashion
The fashion vendor stock hasn't changed in a while, that is true. Not really that much has changed in the event chests, other than which Aeon fashion items are in them.

3. Gargant the Gladiator
Gargant the Gladiator drops some rewards to whatever group kills him - I believe the drops are bounty tokens, and rarely certain fashion pieces as well? Bounty helms? (not sure - never killed him myself). The Arena purpose has stayed pretty much the same - it's open PVP among anyone who wants to get involved. The only somewhat recent differences are that the daily gladiators were moved to the castle, so that players were not forced to enter the arena to kill them. Also, the Arena is the latest cross-server location, allowing players to fight other players from other servers.

4. Tavern
The Tavern is now cross-server, allowing players to talk with, duel, and show off their gear to other players from other servers.

5. Factions
The factions only impact the Corrupted Gardens, and all it really does is allow you to access gear for that specific faction (a higher level means better purchasable gear). The faction you are part of also changes which big boss you need to kill for the weekly faction quest. Generally speaking, I believe joining the Lich faction is better for most classes. However, you'd probably want to go with whichever faction your clan leans toward - you need a good number of players to kill the weekly boss, and it will be tricky (if not impossible) to do that if most of your clan is on the opposite faction, and will lose points for helping you.

6. Patch Notes/New Items
If you want all the details of new items being added, then yeah - the patch notes would be the best place to go to. They are mostly listed out in the [urlhttps://www.celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=3]Announcements section[/url].

7. Highest Fishing/Cooking level
The fishing level soft cap is about 190 (I think the highest level fishing holes are 189?). The cooking level soft cap is around 190ish as well I think.

8. Event Hats/Crushed Candy Canes
The event hats are kinda meh. Crushed candy canes are used to cook the holiday recipes received in the Tavern (you need to talk to a tavern NPC with a crushed candy cane, as well as each of the following items in your inventory in order to learn the recipes).
Sun King Soup - need Broth in inventory
Yule Cookies - need Shortbread in inventory
Rice Pudding - need Sweet Porridge in inventory
Yule Cake - need Fruitcake in inventory
Spiced Beef - need Roast Beef in inventory
Yule Roast - need Boar Roast in inventory

9. Bangkok Timezone
The original developers for CH (One Thumb Mobile) were based in Glasgow. About 2 years ago, the game's development was shifted to Virtual Realms, which is based in Bangkok.

10. More Pures
Yup, some things never change.

Storm wrote:
Rasejnnn wrote:No worries....and just for your info, fishing isn't a funny add on. I have made millions fishing. 18 million to be exact. Just saying

whaaat the holy hedghog.

I thought fishing dunny cause it caused such a quick bromance amongst some players . Just because of fishing , me and my friends ahave socialised with others more than lvling partners or bossing groups.
Its like finding a common hobby and sharing Tips.

Funny because its not gaming at all. Its a borefest of grinding.

Funny also because of the amount of cray cray topics about relics and im lvl 54 fishing and already on my second set of crumblings, only one relic away from a second lvl 1 bear. Begginers luck ? i didnt even spend 12 hrs total fishing in two Weeks. Funny because one day it was raining rings like 3 rings in a row and then i never ever got any.

I still dont know the use of crushed candies although i shouted it in tavern and areas.
I dont know the purpose of gargant the gladiator. In 2020, on my server people who are lvl 170 are asking who and where is aggy. where is 180?
They are saying things like a single rogue tried to kill steal aggragoth from their 5 people group. They are stupid like that so i am afraid to even ask basic questions .

Fishing is decent, though I never got super involved in it - it does take a ton of grinding.

Crushed candies -- mentioned earlier in this post.

Gargant the Gladiator - mentioned earlier as well.

Aggy (Aggragoth, the level 150 dragon in the otherworld that was the first official raid boss) is in the far bottom right corner, past the lava area. I can imagine that some players may not know where he is - he's mostly farmed by endgame players these days on most servers, which means midgame players might not see it up, and therefore it's possible that someone might get to 170-180 without seeing Aggy, or even knowing where he is.
Because players are so much stronger now than when Aggy was introduced, it's also possible that one rogue could out DPS a 5 person group, depending on what classes and levels the players in the group are.

180 (King Snorri Bonechewer) is the boss that drops pieces that allow players to get dragonlord weapons and the dragonlord chestpiece, which means that he is nearly always camped and killed on spawn. He is located in the large pit in Carrowmore, just before you get to Mordris' lair.

Hope some of this helps ya out!
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Re: Back playing after 4 years absence. Confusion abilities maxed

Funny also because of the amount of cray cray topics about relics and im lvl 54 fishing and already on my second set of crumblings, only one relic away from a second lvl 1 bear. Begginers luck ? i didnt even spend 12 hrs total fishing in two Weeks. Funny because one day it was raining rings like 3 rings in a row and then i never ever got any.

You need to get to level 78 to fish in Shalmont Ravine. Prized pike spawn more then in any other area.


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