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Personalized Endgame Help

Hey rangers, after 8 years of playing CH I’m finally about to hit level 220. I want to know what the best possible build is for me in terms of bossing, based on the gear I have available and I wouldn’t mind some gear suggestions either.


WEAPONS: DL bow and quiver, (also have embossed bow and runic haste quiver)

PET: Level 5 yellow spider

MOUNT: Level 3 silver horse

NECK: Runic ammy, STR stormcaller, Gara poison ammy

MISC: Royal sureshot charm, Gara poison misc

WRIST: Royal umbral core prot brace (str, dex, hp), 175 hrung heat dmg + attack brace, imperial Necro sharp shot cool down brace (hotswap)

RINGS: 3 runic valour rings, mystic divine dmg ring, Gara poison ring, and some hotswap rings for light heal, bolas, steady and sharp.

I’d prefer a minimalist build that would give me the greatest efficiency with the least amount of hotswaps, but I don’t mind anything to help my clan kill bosses.

What skills should I be using for bossing, which gear should I pick from what I have as my main build, and what should my stat distribution be between STR and DEX? Preferably from these options for the last question, but I don’t mind any suggestions.

50/50 Split beteeen gear boosted STR and DEX

Full DEX with STR boosts from gear

Full STR with DEX boosts from gear (I’ve heard this one is pretty bad, but also has some purpose in specific situations that I don’t know about)

Thanks in advance!

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