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Need an eg rings advice

Currently rings I'm using are: bt imp axe, bt imp pummel recast, godly Hrung's magic dmg, and in hotswap slot it's usually divine dmg or necro maj axe. Now I got offer to trade bt imp pummel recast for royal bt axe ring. Would it be dps wisely? Also i have maj Havoc bracelet, so it gives me 4600 axe skill with the maj necro ring and 3900 without it. In general i like recast ring, it allows me not to mess with hotswaping necro recast bracelet, and I loose some str, but mb I'll have more dps with another axe ring?
Also a question, do I loose autos while hotswaping items?

Re: Need an eg rings advice

If you’re in a server/clan which is able to take down Dino consistently, then yeah it’d be worth taking up that trade. Dino pummel brace+a BT ring should provide more dps than a mordy brace+BT pummel recast ring should.
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