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Re: Dhio raid fix

LadyNymeria wrote:
vicky wrote:
Gabee wrote:
If majority stick to player cap on dhino boss, then smelly is right, why fix if it can be done ?
And this boss is designed for dom clan with smaller population, and that is very far from Epona.


You're missing the point of the post. It's not about about whether or not it can be killed lol, it's about having to exclude half the people that show up and tell them to stay outside the area every single time because teleports do have negative effects (which is why most stick to the cap to avoid this). As it stands Some people will never be included in the raid because you want the best 27 possible - sure some could give up spots but sacrificing better players is counter productive . Ultimately idc anyway, it wouldn't even be a "fix" just an adjustment to be able to include more players that log and want to experience the boss and it's not like the removal of the teleports would hinder any clan currently killing it. It would make it easier for other servers to kill actually, which seems to be the only reason people would be against this adjustment to begin with.

As I said already: I rather have the third orb fixed...but it's dying either way so I guess it's perfect as is :roll:

well epona will grow to be the best server there is and its not far away. it has the largest influx of new players, and thats what keep a server alive..
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Re: Dhio raid fix

Gabee wrote:
Shivahh wrote:
Gabee wrote:

Sorry, epona only uses 3 max druids rooting, no backups.


You can ask any 220 player

What about 221

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221+ Mage
200+ Warrior
220+ Mage
200 Rogue
210+ Druid

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