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2020 - Class Selection

Hello fellow highlanders,

I was wondering what class you all think would be best for me. I have been indecisive for awhile now and want to get a toon to endgame. I am a F2P from Epona and prefer something that can solo level since players may not always be available. My personal opinion on each class are below so you know my viewpoints. The starred, *, are ones I think I would be more interesting in due to having a weapon that does damage.

*Warrior: I enjoy the survivability, ability to solo bosses, idea of tank, I dislike lack of leveling due to being tank, overwhelmed with all hotbaring that is involved to be good with so many skills.

*Rogue: I enjoy the quick kills, the skills were cool, dislike the number of rogues, dying in boss fights

*Ranger: I enjoy being ranged, ability to solo bosses, idea of sitting back away from harms way in boss rights, I dislike feel slower to level

Mage: I enjoy being ranged, super high burst of dmg, I disliked not having weapon dmg, high energy consumption

Druid: I enjoy being ranged, being able to support, always welcomed, I disliked the slow leveling rate, no weapon dmg, high energy consumption

Thank you all in advance.

Re: 2020 - Class Selection

I think you've got a pretty good idea of classes overall, but I might be able to make a few clarifications:
Wars don't have to be super tanky; you can build them to be high-damage (yes they don't lend themselves to it as much as say, rogues, but we all know they're cheating anyway),
Rogues can be not as squishy as rumored, but yes there're a LOT of them already in most servers,
Rangers, yeh got them pretty well right,
and casters can be fun to play but it's a bit of a different mindset (I can't talk much having never leveled one all that much, but maybe someone can comment on them for ya).

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Re: 2020 - Class Selection

You'd better ask yourself what are you want to do in game - soloing bosses, performing some role in eg raids, pvp, or whatever. Some classes can be no brain autos, some demands high control... Anyway you can just make one more toon any time

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