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Re: Where can a fire mage solo lix at 173 ?

ryandragon wrote:I don't have lux or combos.

Bridge mobs evade over half my spells.

Carrowmore Tunnels mobs evade less but wrath of bolg removes my energy shield and 90% of my health. I can hardly deal with 3 stars and there isn't much 2 stars.

I am 3:2 focus vit. Maxed energy shield and boost.

Kindly advise, much appreciated.

My advice would be to either find a group to lix with or to do the snorri pit (location of the 180 DL boss). They tend to have higher autos but they don't have any skills that can suddenly kill you. The only side effect of lixing here is they don't drop anything except a small amount of gold and decent xp, so it may require some outside farming to break even from the cost of lixing.
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