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Best Build

Hey guys, im a lvl 176 mage on rosmerta. Im having troubles soloin without the use of a ton of pots. Once dbl plat pulls around i hope to be 180 and i would have then have bught a lvl 150 river ammy, Eldritch grim of Mystery, and when i reach 185 i will have a shadowlore grim of earth. But with dbl plat i want to buy a firemage skull, spiderweb lvl 170+ firemage skill misc and a better rings. Anuy suggestions for future and now is appreciated and with dbl plat i will have money. If anyone could help me out that be great, thx. My current gear and skills are

Full Dl
Mainhand: Shadow grim Of Flame
Offhand: Focus Of Mystic
Lvl 150 shrivewood set
2 firemage bracelet of vit, 1 boost firebolt other energy shield
2 Paradais Blood Opal Rings and 1 Grand Infernocasters Ring Of Crag

Str: 5
Dex: 5
Focus: 765 (1450)
Vitality: 130 (440)
Energy: 9585
Hp: 3850
Armour: 302
Defence: 135

Lure Of Fire: 31/35
FireBolt: 50/35 (35/35)
Fire Attune: 45/35 (35/35)
Firestorm: 40/35 (35/35)
Lure Of Assains: 10/35
Energy Shield: 45/35 (35/35)

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