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SanguineParadise’s guide to mid-level Ranger PVP

I want to start off by saying that Rangers generally suck at PVP. This guide may help you win more duels, but in most cases, you’re going to struggle against any caster who takes PVP seriously.

Who is this guide for?

This guide pertains to any rangers at levels 130-150, sorry to anyone higher or lower ;)

It is good to know that the build in use does not solely apply to PVP, it is a versatile one that can be used for leveling and bossing as well, so you aren’t limited to one in-game activity. I’m able to win duels while still being able to solo mobs 35 levels above mine (without lixes or restos).

Is this guide going to hurt my pockets?

It may, depending on what you currently have or don’t have. There is a lot of gear required, but I’ve never spent a dollar on plat in this game, so it’s workable if you’re in it for the long haul.

Let’s get into the guide now.


Because everyone’s gear and level will be slightly different, I can’t determine a specific set of stats.

In general, including add-ons from gear, I’d suggest aiming for 500 STR, 250 DEX, and throwing the rest into VIT. If you have no energy regen gear whatsoever, I apologize but this guide probably isn’t for you. Including gear and all, I have about 3k health and 1k energy.


I would recommend using the Frozen Meteoric armor set, mainly because of the set bonus it provides. Whatever you do, don’t use Obsidian armor. To the developers, if you’re reading this, IMPROVE OBSIDIAN ARMOR FOR RANGERS.


I believe there is another PVP ranger guide with an identical weapon setup to mine, before you call me out for plagiarism :p

Essentially, you want to be hot swapping between two bows, or two spears (if you’re about that life).

In terms of bows, I use Frozen Meteoric and Obsidian. Obsidian is essentially a nuke, so I use it to cast skills, then I switch to the Frozen Meteoric bow, to hopefully finish off the opponent quickly. I like to call the Obsidian bow the “battering ram”, because it easily breaks through a lot of pesky mage energy shields and makes them susceptible to damage, considering their comparatively weak armor.

Use one of the level 100 or 150 elemental lux quivers as an offhand. I personally like the cold one because it matches the rest of my gear, and fits with the theme of frozen meteoric, but go ahead and use whatever works for you.

If you’re using spears, take a similar approach. However, since there is no Frozen Meteoric spear, use an aggy trident instead. For your offhand, I’d recommend using one of the lux axes just because of the damage it adds.


At the neck slot, I’d recommend having a regen ammy of some kind, maybe one that adds damage too. The sureshot strands are cool too, but lux is unmatched 8-)

For your misc, a damage charm is always a solid piece to have, helping to add to your offensive output. This is the piece of jewellery I’m least concerned about though.

For bracelets, I strongly suggest you use one of ones that boosts a specific stat by 100 (get the STR or DEX one) as well as an Aggy brace. I’ve seen other ones that boost damage of certain skills, but in all honesty, I don’t think they’re good enough.

Ring use is completely at your discretion. I use a haste ring, a couple of skill boosting rings, and one of those royal damage rings with the level 120 requirement. It all depends on the skills you use.

When it comes to mount, I personally prefer the bear, as the Resilience skill can be really useful in reducing damage taken from skills. When dueling against classes that deal high damage quickly, like mages and rogues, the skill gives you a window of protection against a barrage of death.

Choose whatever pet you want, but don’t neglect feeding it or there’s no point to it!


Skill-wise, there is a lot of space for choice here. I’d definitely have double shot and sharp shot in my arsenal, fully maxed. I personally have light heal maxed for use outside the tavern, although this isn’t necessary if you’re solely focused on PVP. For versatility, you could choose to max out double attack as well for using a spear, but make sure that your gear reflects your build.

If you don’t have a haste ring, I’d suggest putting points into rapid shot, as this is a must-use skill, even at level 1.

Avoid skills like defensive spikes or entangle. The former is too underpowered, and in the case of the latter, I’d be more worried about skills than autos. I’d also avoid Longshot. Even though it is an extremely powerful skill, it can be tough to make space between you and your enemy during the duel, especially if they are an experienced PVPer.

You could put points into barbed shot, but you should aim to end your fights as quickly as possible, rather than focusing on damage over time, and bolas isn’t a bad option if can handle a bit of damage while casting it.


Although this guide caters to a limited range of rangers, I do hope that it helps anyone who it applies to. Against warriors, rogues, and other rangers, you should be able to guarantee a win most of the time, while you may be able to put of more of a fight than normal against mages and druids.

If anyone has any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to reply. The guide can only improve from here!

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