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Re: Buying Ossified Chunks and Shards

I just though I'd post my observation. I don't know what the drop rates of chunks vs shards, but lets say there even, but considering the fact that 3, 4* are harder to kill it would make sens that chunks are worth more than shards. How ever, for 10 chunks you get 1k faction xp and for 10 shards you get 500. So if you think about it, it really makes no sens that you would buy chunks for more than double the price of shards as you might as well just buy twice as many shards to get more faction points.

That's assuming your going for the faction points exclusively. I can't remember but I think shards quest gives more than half the gold of chunks quest so you'd be saving gold by getting shards. (I can't exactly remember about gold so might not be true but it could be).

Of course you can buy and sell whatever you want for how ever much you wan't just pointing out my observation. I find most people put chunks at more than double shards.

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