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Incredibly rare sword

So I was lixing my warrior, and I find a lvl 129 5* blackstone i've never seen before by corrupted gardens entrance. I was able to solo it and this sword dropped (same name as mob). I've never seen this in my 6 years playing and was hoping to get more info on it, like hm it's worth, sell or keep etc. Already i've been offered a couple mil and gotten told it just sells between 250k and 4 mil. the proc does 5-8k dmg as i've found


Re: Incredibly rare sword

Its one of those unity 2018 "unique" items. The bosses for each item spawn very rarely, and you kill them for a 100% chance to get the item.

For the sword itself, its good for... being a sword...?
Its basically a better shadow aggy trident(same dmg, speed, ability+, stat+) w/proc
Proc isn't op as the percentage to land is low, and skills have a 0% chance of procing
As for it being an all class weapon, also not op, as it is VERY likely to be based off sword ability(idk for sure i never owned one), which would mean other classes will still miss a ton

All in all, you should sell it for as much as possible, I wouldn't keep it.
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