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Retired item and warehouse sale

Hello guys need to free up inventory space in bank and on person. Have these items I'm looking to get rid of.

2 Golden camo charms
2 Hero boots
Hero gloves
Golden bodkin of spirits
Full battle mist diamond set for ranger/ druid.
Chromos diamond icon and bow.
Guzzletusk pants and gloves
Hoghide hat and boots
king bow
bloodlust helm
pathfinder set minus mask
darkflame gloves
ruby skull pendant resist cold one
Avalanche sled
Plenty of imperial majestic and other charms

Not ingame much. I use a messenger app for iPhones called "kik" leave your ingame name and kik messenger name and maybe we can make some kind of deal

Re: Retired item and warehouse sale

Yeah I do not have a kik either....whats a kik? xD Heroic boots and darkflame gloves. =o

You shouldnt quit.....:s
Imma eat u allllllz!

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Re: Retired item and warehouse sale

DanielStone wrote:Guys, please advise me where I can buy a warehouse. I have a small sawmill and I need to store all the wood. I asked many of my friends, but no one knows where to buy a warehouse. Later I will need to purchase racks from https://kingmorack.com and equipment so people can work in this warehouse. Can someone help me?

Lmao. First of all, this thread was made all the way back in 2013. Second of all, by warehouse the dude obviously meant his ingame bank with all those old items he was selling... not an actual warehouse lmao

This thread will probably get locked for necro posting, but if you really need help finding a warehouse and seek the assistance from a bunch of CH noobs then ask in the “Off Topic” section.

How do people even find these old threads
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Re: Retired item and warehouse sale

Sad to be seeing you go. Why you leaving?
Please, if interested or needing a valuation on any item, just pm me or join band and search for me. We also post on the most up to date forum posts.

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