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Re: If i was to start a YouTube channel

Id recommend finding a niche and putting your own personality and twist on it. I am no expert or by any means a big personality but look at some gaming YouTuber and observe when they talk and see if you are engaged and continue watching. I think its really important to put commentary and if comfortable even videoing yourself playing like streamers. Id recommend looking at deadshadows(he uses audio), from what Ive seen and in my opinion hes a funny guy and delivers good content as well as TC who streams. Or watch some big youtubers like lazerbeam and how they communicate with their audience. There are 100s of killing Gelebron boss videos but how can you make yours stand out? And most importantly when you post something make sure you are proud of it and improve on the last. When I watch previous videos Ive created I always find things to cringe at and feel I need to improve. All in all its all for fun and the gain is someone enjoying the video and giving good feed back.

Good luck!
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Re: If i was to start a YouTube channel

BrickLayer wrote:If i started a YouTube channel about Celtic Heroes, what would people wanna see on it?

Maybe, but depends on the quality and quantity. Could be good to to regenerate the game
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