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Re: Global Obelisk... what did you get?

Surya707 wrote:This post is gonna get locked anyway so might as well :? You killed me while I was in a raid boss dps setup so that doesn’t really strengthen your argument..if you do want to prove that you could damage through a tanks resists, we could perhaps try it out in the arena or tav sometime ye?

Sure, as long as you’re not wearing reavers lol. I’ve taken on many tanks (most of which specifically target me as I’m the biggest threat to them because melee can’t do squat against a tank while a good mage can)
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Re: Global Obelisk... what did you get?

Armo wrote:Thread is for posting drops received from the Obelisks.

Please discuss PvP and all non-topic related posts elsewhere.

They got a beating at the obelisk tho?

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