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Re: Godly BT Helm - Druid

Kaliset wrote:
LadyNymeria wrote:
Kaliset wrote:
Herne got 2 royal helms in event so far. We have been killing on spawn.

Drop rates adjusted Schwing ?

Doubt it - danu has got crap and we've killed all but one on spawn

That's not good LadyNymeria. :(
I hope you will get at least one before event ends.

2 helms in one raid would be nice ;)

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Re: Godly BT Helm - Druid

Schwing wrote:Congratulations! Looks like a few helms have been dropping across the servers, I hear Donn and Herne have had drops to, any others?

14 kills on Dani for the event.

No helms.

Pretty much as expected I guess.
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