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Mental Health Awareness

just a quick little warning, some information in this post may be sensitive and can trigger bad memories. please be careful:) no bad words or such it’s just a serious true story!

also a quick little side note. i can provide evidence to everything i say in this post to any moderators or admins that need it. i have hospital discharge letters, videos and photos of me and such. everything needed, i’m just trying to give a good message!

so basically guys, recently in the united kingdom it was mental health awareness week! (in my local area) maybe not nationwide. But anyway! i would like to talk about my personal story about mental health and why this game has helped me. I am currently 17 years of age, i’ve been diagnosed with depression for 2 years, along with anxiety for just over a year. i recently was discharged out of hospital after a 17day long treatment, due to a suicide attempt through an overdose. I was in a 6 day long coma, and no, i have no interesting stories about that. it’s basically like sleeping you don’t even know your in a coma you just wake up suddenly all stiff! but some may experience other things! anyway, i was in a coma for 6 days experiencing constant seizures and starting to have kidney and liver failure. i was close to death and everyone knew it. but i eventually had woken up, i was breathing through these tubes and i was in life support and constantly given fluids. The point i am trying to make is, you may feel as though ending your own life is the only option. but i promise you, you will regret it, the pain and suffering you will cause for your self and your loved ones is basically enough to make the most blunt human cry. i know that these types of stories aren’t rare. and that’s not the point, but i’m just trying to show that people do suffer and go through bad things, although i personally believe i am slowly getting better mentally things can change. words do honestly hurt online. i am a banned player from this game, i was banned over a year ago. i am not asking for anything don’t worry. i’m just trying to give context. but i’ve been constantly checking up on forums and i always see a lot of people who treat the staff at VR like sub-humans. calling them all the names under the sun, they have created this amazing game many years ago and have kept us hooked! so so many of us have our childhoods based on this game just like me! i’ve made friends on here who quit years ago but i still speak to almost weekly:) let’s all just start to think before we rush to insult one another and throw a snake comment to the staff or anything okay? mental health is a serious thing. and honestly, if your just going to reply with some rude comment or something don’t bother, i’m not going to reply and give you the attention you crave. i just want to try help some people out there, even if i can help one person realise there’s other options out there i’ve done enough.

lastly, i’m aware some people would be messed up enough to lie about this, if any staff would require it, i can provide all the proof needed. i’m not ashamed of my past, i just want to give a good message!

love you guys, although i don’t have an account anymore in game i will forever support this game through the forums and on social media! and i hope many of you will too! <3 <3

have an amazing day everyone, remember, people love you :)

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